Episode 241: 12/10/2023

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We finished our look back at fifty years of industrial music, starting at 2001 up to 2023. Then we played some more tracks in the remaining time. There was no theme, just a selection of tracks ranging from EBM to industrial metal, industrialized hip-hop, power electronics, experimental, and more.

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Episode 240: 12/3/2023 - 50 Years of Industrial Music, Part 1

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The first block of this show was a set of hot new industrial and darkwave songs. Then we began the main event proper, which was the first part of a look back at fifty years of industrial music. We started at 1973 and played one song from each year up till 2000. We covered a variety of styles, from the more experimental to mainstream accessible, to EBM and industrial metal, and even a bit of rhythmic noise and power electronics.

Credits: this fifty years of industrial music show was inspired by The Last Exit For the Lost’s “50 Years of Metal Shows,” in which they play a track from each year up to the present.

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Episode 239: 11/26/2023

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We’re back from our post-Halloween break! The first set consisted of tracks by local bands playing shows in the area soon. The second block was a set of new post-punk, darkwave, etc. The third block was a set of morose post-punk songs. The fourth block was a set of industrial, post-punk, etc. tracks themed around consumerism and shopping, because of Black Friday. The fifth block was a set of cold and November-y feeling tracks. Then we finished the show with a set of shoegaze, experimental, etc. tracks.

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We Return Tomorrow Night, on 11/26/2023

We’re back from our post-Halloween break! We’re returning to the air/streams tomorrow night, on November 26, 2023. We’re going to play a set of piping hot new tracks, songs by bands that have a show coming up next weekend, and more! We’ll be on at the usual time and place, 10 PM CT [11 PM ET/8 PM PT/05:00 UTC] on KUHS-LP 102.5 FM Hot Springs/kuhsradio.org.

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Club Nevermore Presents Thanksgraving, November 11, 2023

The next Club Nevermore event is Saturday, November 11th. From their event description: “Crawl out from your crypt for a feast for your ears with all the best creepy Goth+Industrial tracks and feed your hunger for our gourd and savior with a wicked Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest! Contest judging by our own Graveyard Gloria as your Pumpkin Domme, encouraging the noms! We will also bring back our creepy karaoke for 2 full hours this time!

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We're On Fall Break, As of November 5, 2023

Half Machine Lip Moves won’t be on air this week. We’re taking a fall break and we’ll be back soon—probably on November 19th or the 26th. Watch our website and social media for updates.

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Episode 238: 10/29/2023 - The 2023 Halloween Hellshow

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This show was supposed to be both our Halloween show and our return to live radio. However, The Radio Gremlins ruined everything by sabotaging my car and I had to cancel the show. However, I threw together a pre-recorded show because I put too much work into making this playlist for it to go unused and dammit, we’re doing a Halloween show!

We started this show with a “mood setting” block. We followed that with a set of tracks and theme songs from horror movies. The third block was a set of metal tracks, recent and old, referring to or about Halloween. The fourth block was a set of songs about horror movies in general. The fifth block was a set of moody dark ambient and dungeon synth tracks, and we closed the show with a mix of industrial and goth tracks celebrating All Hallow’s Eve. We hope The Great Pumpkin blesses you and that you have a great Halloween—or a nice Tuesday, if you don’t do Halloween.

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Episode 237: 10/22/2023

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We played songs by artists that are playing shows in the Central Arkansas area this week in the first block. Then we began the show proper, our dark atmospheric special, with two sets of dark ambient tracks that have a vague space theme. The fourth block was a set of weird, lo-fi experimental tracks. The fifth block was a set of death industrial tracks, then we closed the show with another dark ambient set.

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Episode 236: 10/15/2023

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We began this show with some darkwave and industrial tracks from new releases. The second block was a set of goth, darkwave, deathrock, industrial, etc. tracks with a theme of curses, jinxes, hexes, etc., because last Friday was a Friday the 13th. The third set was block of synthwave, punk, darkwave, etc. with a theme of hexes, superstition, fortune, and good luck to help break the curse. The fourth and final set was a mix of goth, post-punk, and deathrock tracks.

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Operator OT Set Lists From Club Nevermore, 10/14/2023

I, Operator OT, want to say thanks to everybody who came out to Club Nevermore on Saturday—and to Club Nevermore for having me! My set lists from that night are below the cut.

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