Operator OT's Club Nevermore's Set Lists From April 13, 2024

I, Operator OT, want to thank everybody who came out to Club Nevermore’s fifth anniversary event on Saturday (April 13)! My set lists from that night are below the cut…

Set 1

  1. Kreator: Lucretia, My Reflection
  2. The Bolshoi: Away II – Edit
  3. Twin Tribes: Monolith
  4. Xmal Deutschland: Qual
  5. Nuclear*Sun: Cities in Dust
  6. Depeche Mode: It’s No Good
  7. Alien Sex Fiend: Ignore the Machine
  8. Clusters of Fornication: Elegy
  9. Killing Joke: Empire Song
  10. Men Without Hats: Antarctica

Set 2

  1. Clan of Xymox: A Day
  2. Siouxsie & The Banshees: Candyman
  3. Summore: Watch Your Back
  4. The Cure: The Exploding Boy
  5. God Module: Wasteland
  6. Zwaremachine: Parasol
  7. Joy Division: She’s Lost Control
  8. Confrontational: Black Glasses
  9. Urban Heat: Right Time of Night
  10. Death Loves Veronica: Burn
  11. Shriekback: Nemesis

And don’t forget: Club Nevermore is doing a fifth anniversary show on Friday, April 26! Club Nevermore is bringing Clusters of Fornication, White Mansion, Vampire Police, and Summore to Vino’s. More info can be found on this Facebook event post.