Privacy Statement

It’s been brought to our attention—I’m using the royal we here, because Half Machine Lip Moves is ultimately a one-man operation—that we’re supposed to have a privacy statement in order to comply with some law the European Union passed. I don’t want EU stormtroopers and/or the King of England to kick in my door and raid my house but I don’t have the money to lawyer up and find out what I must do to be legal. (Google made a huge stink about this and sent lots of menacing messages about GDPR compliance when this site was hosted on Blogger, but they offered no help or advice whatsoever on what to do; they wouldn’t even give a measly link to an article with advice.)

The TL;DR Version of what (I think) we’re supposed to tell you:

Half Machine Lip Moves is a radio show that’s a hobby done by a volunteer DJ on a community radio station. The site made up of mostly static webpages created with Hugo. There is no commenting system on the site, and the site doesn’t offer user accounts—no user accounts means there’s no data being collected on said users. We don’t use third-party analytics and there are no ads on the site. The site uses a self-hosted version of Font Awesome, which makes the icons in the navigation bar.