Episode 250: 4/21/2024

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#250’ on it.

We began this show with tracks by bands that are playing at Vino’s next Friday, April 26. Then we played a block of new industrial, darkwave, and post-punk tracks from new releases. That was followed with a set of of industrial and synthwave. The fourth block was a set of heavy industrial and power noise with a underlying theme of man-made and ecological disasters. The fifth block was a set of experimental and power electronics that continued with the theme of pollution and man-made disasters, and we finished the show with a set of experimental tracks. We also, against all probable odds, reached our 250th episode! Thanks to everyone who listens, whether you’re new or have been with us since the beginning.

Note: The podcast for this show is currently unavailable, because we ran out of space on our podcast hosting service. We’re currently looking for a solution/workaround for this.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction
  2. Clusters of Fornication & SJ Tucker: Strangelic (Songwitch Remix) (Strangelic (Songwitch Remix), 2022, Shadow Transmission)
  3. Summore: Watch Your Back (Watch Your Back, 2023, Self-Released)
  4. Skinny Puppy: HexOnXOnX (Rabies, 1989, Capitol Records/Nettwerk/Nettwerk Europe/Music For the People/Nettwerk America)
  5. Zwaremachine: Parasol (Conquest 3000, 2021, Self-Released/Phage Tapes)
  6. Einstürzende Neubaten: Ist Ist (Ist Ist, 2024, Potomak)
  7. Circuit Preacher: Made to Burn (Made to Burn, 2024, Self-Released/DarkTunes)
  8. Vast Waste: Burial (EP1 (ATM Xtrabass Master), 2024, Self-Released)
  9. Kontravoid: For What It Is (Detachment, 2024, Artoffact Records)
  10. SHOSTA: Gold (Gold, 2024, Self-Released)
  11. Ductape: Closer (Echo Drama, 2024, Swiss Dark Nights)
  12. Urban Heat: Right Time of Night (Right Time of Night, 2024, Artoffact Records/Self-Released)
  13. 3Teeth: Pumped Up Kicks (Metawar, 2019, Century Media)
  14. Matt Hart: Black Abyss (Black Abyss, 2024, Self-Released)
  15. Damien Hearse: Divine Swine (Psalms DR:84, 2024, Self-Released)
  16. Schachtanlage Gegenort: Detachment Dance (Detachment Dance, 2024, Hands Productions)
  17. Imminent: Mythrality (Mythrality, 2024, Ant-Zen)
  18. Container: Eraser (Yacker, 2024, Gentle Defect)
  19. L.O.T.I.O.N.: Fukushima Fallout (Digital Control and Man’s Obsolescence, 2015, Toxic State Records/La Vida Es Un Mus)
  20. Minamata: Niigata 1965 (Niigata 1964-1965, 1986, Les Nouvelles Propagandes/Zone De Confusion)
  21. Skin Graft: Permanent Health Problems (Chernobyl, 2007, Wagon)
  22. LivingTotem: Suspension of Climate Change (Surreal Existence, 2020, Ant-Zen/RAUMKLANG Music)
  23. Winterkälte: Global Deforestation (Amazon Rainforest Version) (Drum n Noise, 1999, Hands Productions)
  24. Maurizio Bianchi: Clinical Pollutant (Karbona Monooksido, 2018, BeTon)
  25. Geography of Hell: Tchernobyl 1986, Part 1 (Tchernobyl 1986, 2011, Hospital Productions)
  26. Pulse Emitter: Void Engine 1 (Voids, 2021, Expansive)
  27. Controlled Death: Holy Evil Sister, Part 1 (Holy Evil Sister, 2023, Deathbed Tapes)

Local artist

The Minimata tracks are based upon the Niigata pollution disaster of 1964-1965.

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s Fifth-Anniversary Show. There is a picture of a raven, with an eclipsed sun in the background. The text on the flyer reads, “Club Nevermore. Friday, April 26, 2024. 5 Year Anniversary event. Live performances by Summore, White Mansion, Vampire Police, Clusters of Fornication, and Alien Abstraction. At Vino’s, 923 West Seventh Street, Little Rock. All ages, $20 admission, doors open at 7 PM.”

Club Nevermore is celebrating its fifth-year anniversary with a show on Friday, April 26, 2024 at Vino’s! Club Nevermore alumni Summore, Vampire Police, Clusters of Fornication, and White Mansion, and Alien Abstraction are playing and I, Operator OT, will be DJing. This event’s all-ages. Admission is $20, doors open at 7 PM. More info can be found on this Facebook event page.

Tim Capello is playing at Vino’s in Little Rock on Saturday, April 27. There will also be DJ sets by Retro Nouveau. Here a link to buy tickets for that show.

Flyer for Tempus Terra and Vampire Police at Iron Horse Records, 610 Main Street, in Van Buren, Arkansas. Saturday, May 11, 2024

Little Rock’s Vampire Police (which features our friends and fellow Club Nevermore DJ Graveyard Gloria and DJ Wilhelm) and Tempus Terra are playing at Iron Horse Records, 610 Main Street in Van Buren. We can’t find an event page for it, but check the Iron Horse Records Facebook page for details.