Operator OT's Cenotaph Set Lists From 5/28/2022

Thanks to everybody who came out to Club Nevermore’s Cenotaph last night! Also, thanks a lot to Club Nevermore for having me, and The Labyrinth for hosting the event!

Here are my set lists from last night…

Set 1:

  1. Boy Harsher: Give Me a Reason
  2. Scandroid: Writing’s On the Wall
  3. Depeche Mode: Master and Servant
  4. Confines: Buried Clothes
  5. Sisters of Mercy: Alice
  6. Blu Anxxiety: Send Me an Angel
  7. Kanga: Control
  8. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Monkeys on Juice
  9. Getting the Fear: Against the Wind
  10. Control Top: One Good Day

Set 2:

  1. White Ring: Leprosy
  2. Light Asylum: Skull Fuct
  3. Leather Strip: I Want You Hard
  4. Nuclear*Sun: Cities in Dust
  5. Matt Hart: Decimate
  6. Linea Aspera: Attica
  7. Rosegarden Funeral Party: Fear of Feeling Nothing
  8. STRNGR & Destryur: Corpse Boogie
  9. Carpenter Brut: Run, Sally, Run!
  10. Zwaremachine: Zero Containment