Episode 237: 10/22/2023

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#237’ on it.

We played songs by artists that are playing shows in the Central Arkansas area this week in the first block. Then we began the show proper, our dark atmospheric special, with two sets of dark ambient tracks that have a vague space theme. The fourth block was a set of weird, lo-fi experimental tracks. The fifth block was a set of death industrial tracks, then we closed the show with another dark ambient set.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction [0:00:00 - 0:09:06]
  2. Vampire Police: Roxanne’s Nightie (Night of the Demos, 2023, Self-Released) [0:09:06 - 0:12:54]
  3. Academy Order: The Devil Spoke (A New Kind of Fear, 2023, Protagonist Records/Deathwish Records/Self-Released) [0:12:54 - 0:16:12]
  4. Clusters of Fornication: Elegy (Elegy, 2023, Self-Released) [0:16:12 - 0:19:32]
  5. The Veldt: The Everlasting Gobstopper (The Everlasting Gobstopper, 2023, Self-Released/Little Cloud Records/5BC) [0:19:32 - 0:24:21]
  6. Missfit Toys: Submit to Slaughter (The Nine, 2022, Distortion Productions) [0:24:21 - 0:28:05]
  7. Sleep Reseach Facility: B-Deck (Nostromo, 2001, Cold Spring) [0:32:04 - 0:44:06]
  8. Gustaf Hildebrand: Journey to Orion (Starscape, 2004, Cyclic Law) [0:44:06 - 0:52:03]
  9. Blood Incantation: IO: First Movement (Timewave Zero, 2022, Century Media) [0:52:03 - 0:58:57]
  10. Alphaxone & Dronny Darko: Shadow Constellation (Beyond the Event Horizon, 2023, Cryo Chamber) [1:01:19 - 1:08:23]
  11. Silent Universe: Spiral Space (The Infinity Coordinates, 2017, Cryo Chamber) [1:08:23 - 1:15:39]
  12. Exhumed Corpse: Tidal Disruption Event (Tidal Disruption Event, 2023, Self-Released) [1:15:39 - 1:23:07]
  13. The Mossy Throats: Static Cage (Steel Trap Compilation, 2010, Chondritic Sound) [1:25:58 - 1:35:34]
  14. Darksmith: Weightless Track 3 (Weightless, 2007, Chondritic Sound) [1:35:34 - 1:43:06]
  15. Gas Mask Horse: Hellectronics II (Hellectronics, 2011, Self-Released) [1:43:06 - 1:45:49]
  16. Controlled Death: Music For the Death Cult Church Track 6 (Music For the Death Cult Church, 2022, Advaita Records) [1:45:49 - 1:49:25]
  17. John Watermann: The Third Shudder Project: A Vague Demonstration of Trembling (Calcutta Gas Chamber, 1993, N D Recordings/Cold Spring) [1:52:08 - 1:59:55]
  18. Eldritch Catacombs: The Sanctuary Below (Grimoire of Descent, 2023, Outsider Industries [1:59:55 - 2:04:00]
  19. Schloss Tegal: The Invalid Earth (Psychometry, 2019, La Esencia) [2:04:00 - 2:10:29]
  20. Puce Mary: Slow Agony of a Dying Orgasm (The Spiral, 2016, Posh Isolation) [2:10:29 - 2:16:55]
  21. Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect: A Thousand Empty Rooms (Miles to Midnight, 2018, Cryo Chamber) [2:19:26 - 2:25:42]
  22. Allseits: The Moment Before You Fall Asleep (Cycles: Cyclic Law’s 10th Year Anniversary Label Sampler Compilation, 2012, Cyclic Law) [2:25:42 - 2:33:58]
  23. Underwater Sleep Orchestra: Counting Poisoned Sheep (Insomnolence, 2023, Cryo Chamber) [2:33:58 - 2:41:05]

Local artist

Breaking news: The Vampire Police/Academy Order show at Vino’s on the 24th has been cancelled!

Flyer for Clusters of Fornication and The Veldt. On Thursday, October 26, 2023 at 7 PM at EJ’s Eats and Drinks, 523 Center Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Local darkwave artist Clusters of Fornication is opening for shoegaze legends [The Veldt] on Thursday, October 26th at EJ’s Eats & Drinks, at 523 Center Street in downtown Little Rock—which about a block or two from The Labyrinth. More info about the show can be found here.

EJ’s Eats and Drinks is at 523 Center Street in downtown Little Rock. Here’s a map with directions.

Flyer for Friday Night Frights at The Labyrinth. The flyers lists all the Friday Night Frights events for the year 2023. The October edition is on Friday, October 27, 2023 and is a screening of “Doctor Blood’s Coffin.”

This month’s edition of Friday Night Frights is on Friday, October 27, 2023 and is a screening of Doctor Blood’s Coffin. More info can be found on this Facebook event page.

The Labyrinth is at 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock. Here’s a map with directions:

Flyer for Missfit Toys and Absynthe of Faith at Black Lodge, Friday, October 27, 2023. At Black Lodge, 405 North Cleveland Avenu, Memphis, Tennessee.

The Dystopia Goth Night in Memphis is bringing Missfit Toys and Absynthe of Faith to Black Lodge Video on Friday, October 27, 2023. There will also be sets by DJ Graveyard Gloria and DJ St. Faust. More info and a link to buy tickets can be found on this Facebook event page.

Flyer for Baby Bats Halloween. There are spiderwebs drawn in the corners of the images. There is a drawing of a bat flying, and behind it is a smaller bat that is holding a pumpkin-shaped pail with candy. The flyer says, “Dark Hearts presents Baby Bats Halloween. 3130 South School Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Friday, October 27, 2023 at 6-10 PM. With: prizes, bring your own spooky pumpkin contest, face painting, trunk or treat, spooky trail and treat hunt, plus music by DJ Death Mistress. $10 donation for adults, free entry for kids.”

Dark Hearts Fayetteville presents Baby Bats Halloween on Friday, October 27th, with DJ Death Mistress, at Dark Hearts Community, 3130 S. School Avenue in Fayetteville, AR. More info can be found on this Meetup.com post or at this post on DJ Death Mistress’s website.

Flyer for Black Lodge Halloween Masquerade Ball. Featuring live sets by Jack Oblivion, The Sheiks, Turnstyles, Optic Sink, Joy Bomb, Little Baby Tendencies, plus DJ sets by DJ Graveyard Gloria and Selecter Jack. 7 PM till 3 AM. At Black Lodge Video, 405 North Cleveland Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee.

Black Lodge Video in Memphis is doing their Halloween Masquerade Ball on October 28th. This will have sets by Jack Oblivion, The Sheiks, Turnstyles, Optic Sink, Joy Bomb, Little Baby Tendencies, plus DJ sets by DJ Graveyard (of the Dystopia Goth Night and Club Nevermore) and Selecter Jack. More info can be found on this Facebook event page.

Flyer for Howl O’Ween: A Gloom Collective Event at Black Apple. There is a drawing of a tombstone in the background and there is a green hand sticking up out of the ground, which is holding a platter with a martini glass and a bottle that says ‘Black apple’ on it. The text reads, “Howl O’Ween at Black Apple. Saturday, October 28, 2023. $10 entry. Dance party starts at 9 PM; costume contest at 10 PM. Vendors at 5-8 PM. DJ Death Mistress at 9-11 PM. At Black Apple, 321 East Emma Avenue, Springdale, Arkansas.”

Gloom Collective NWA presets Howl O’Ween at Black Apple, at 321 East Emma Avenue, in Springdale, on Saturday, October 28. This event will have a sets by DJ Death Mistress plus spooky vendors, tarot readings, a costume contest, and more! Further details can be found on this Meetup post, or this blog post on DJ Death Mistress’s website.

Flyer for: Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin performs “Demons” at The Hall, 721 West Ninth Street, Little Rock. On Sunday, November 5, 2023. More details can be found at littlerockhall.com .

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin is performing the score from Dario Argento’s Demons at The Hall, at 721 W. 9th Street in downtown Little Rock.. Further details and a link to buy tickets can be found on The Hall’s website.

The Hall is at 721 West Seventh Street in downtown Little Rock—it’s about two blocks southeast of Vino’s. Here’s a map with directions.

Flyer for Club Nevermore: Thanksgraving. The flyer is a drawing of a green zombie hand, clutching a turkey drumstick, is sticking out of the ground. There is a full moon in the dark blue sky, and bats are flying in front of the moon. The text reads, “Thanksgraving, Saturday November 11, 2023. Members only, 21+ up, 8PM to 2 AM. 2 hours of creepy karaoke, pie eating contest with The Pumpkin Domme, zombie flicks on the projector, 4 DJs spinning goth+industrial, undead costumes encouraged. At The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.”

The next Club Nevermore event is Saturday, November 11th. From their event description:

“Crawl out from your crypt for a feast for your ears with all the best creepy Goth+Industrial tracks and feed your hunger for our gourd and savior with a wicked Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest! Contest judging by our own Graveyard Gloria as your Pumpkin Domme, encouraging the noms! We will also bring back our creepy karaoke for 2 full hours this time! So be sure to sign up for your best screeching swan song on our website! As always, this is a members only 21+ event. Sign up to join the party at clubnevermore.com