Episode 238: 10/29/2023 - The 2023 Halloween Hellshow

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#238’ on it.

This show was supposed to be both our Halloween show and our return to live radio. However, The Radio Gremlins ruined everything by sabotaging my car and I had to cancel the show. However, I threw together a pre-recorded show because I put too much work into making this playlist for it to go unused and dammit, we’re doing a Halloween show!

We started this show with a “mood setting” block. We followed that with a set of tracks and theme songs from horror movies. The third block was a set of metal tracks, recent and old, referring to or about Halloween. The fourth block was a set of songs about horror movies in general. The fifth block was a set of moody dark ambient and dungeon synth tracks, and we closed the show with a mix of industrial and goth tracks celebrating All Hallow’s Eve. We hope The Great Pumpkin blesses you and that you have a great Halloween—or a nice Tuesday, if you don’t do Halloween.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction [0:00:00 - 0:06:58]
  2. Umberto: Temple Room (Prophecy of the Black Widow, 2010, Not Not Fun Records/Sonic Meditations/Burka For Everybody) [0:06:58 - 0:14:02]
  3. Christian Death: As Evening Falls (Catastrophe Ballet, 1984, L’Invitation Au Suicide/Nexus/Contempo Records/LSR Records/Cleopatra/Candlelight Records/Season of Mist) [0:14:02 - 0:17:29]
  4. The Hallowteens: They’re Coming to Get You Barbara (They’re Coming to Get You Barbara, 2000, Self-Released) [0:17:29 - 0:20:16]
  5. TSOL: Darker, My Love (Suburbia (Original Soundtrack Recording), 1984, Enigma Records/Restless Records) [0:20:16 - 0:23:45]
  6. Nervosas: Night Room (Nervosas, 2015, Dirtnap Records/Datapanik Records) [0:23:45 - 0:26:31]
  7. Goblin: Suspiria Theme (Suspiria, 1977, Cinevox Record/Odeon/AMS Records) [0:29:08 - 0:35:02]
  8. Ken Higgins & Jim Calabrese: Spookies Opening Credit Theme (Spookies, 2016, Terror Vision) [0:35:02 - 0:38:26]
  9. Flesh Eaters: Eyes Without a Face (Return of the Living Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 1985, Big Beat Records/Enigma/New Rose Records/Metal Blade Records/Real Gone Music) [0:38:26 - 0:41:37]
  10. Emmett Brown: Unsolved Mysteries (Void, 2016, Arc Avalon) [0:41:37 - 0:44:36]
  11. Cyclobe: Each and Every Word Must Die (Luminous Darkness, 1999, Phantom Code) [0:44:36 - 0:51:33]
  12. Claudio Simonetti: Killing (Dèmoni (Original Soundtrack), 1985, RCA/Victor/Deep Red/Rustblade/Film Music Archive) [0:51:33 - 0:54:42]
  13. Pagan Altar: Samhein (Mythical and Magical, 2006, Oracle Records/The Miskatonic Foundation/Shadow Kingdom Records/Buried By Time and Dust Records/Temple of Mystery Records/Cruz Del Sur Music) [0:56:48 - 1:02:15]
  14. Jess & The Ancient Ones: Samhain (Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes, 2015, Svart Records/Spiritual Beast) [1:02:15 - 1:08:12]
  15. Halloween: Trick or Treat (Don’t Metal With Evil, 1985, Motor City Metal Records/Killer Metal Records/Pure Steel Records) [1:08:12 - 1:11:21]
  16. Hallow’s Eve: Hallow’s Eve (Hallow’s Eve, 1985, Roadrunner Records/Combat/Metal Blade Records) [1:11:21 - 1:19:08]
  17. Acid Witch: It’s Halloween Night (The Witches’ Jack-O-Lantern) (It’s Halloween Night (The Witches’ Jack-O-Lantern), 2019, Self-Released/Witch House Records) [1:19:08 - 1:22:19]
  18. Perturbator: Opening Credits (Terror 404, 2012, Blood Music) [1:26:35 - 1:28:04]
  19. The Indoors: VHS (Old//Older Demo, 2012, Self-Released) [1:28:04 - 1:30:30]
  20. Slasher Dave: Rated R (Rated R, 2023, Self-Released) [1:30:30 - 1:33:03]
  21. Vector Seven: Slasher (Electric Blood, 2021, Darkhan Music) [1:33:03 - 1:36:08]
  22. Destryur & STRNGR: Found Footage (Panic, 2019, Midnight Beach Records) [1:36:08 - 1:39:53]
  23. Death Grips: I’ve Seen Footage (The Money Store, 2012, Epic) [1:39:53 - 1:43:13]
  24. AnotherTheory: Midnight Movie (The Final Girl) (Midnight Movie (The Final Girl), 2020, Self-Released) [1:43:13 - 1:47:37]
  25. The Damned: Nasty (Punk Generation: Best of Oddities and Versions, 2004, Anarchy Music/Vivid Sound Corporation/The Store For Music) [1:47:37 - 1:50:25]
  26. Night Birds: Midnight Movies (Fresh Kills Vol. 1, 2011, Grave Mistake Records) [1:50:25 - 1:52:37]
  27. Aleksis Tristan Shaw: All Hallow’s Eve (All Hallow’s Eve, 2020, Self-Released) [1:56:31 - 1:59:44]
  28. Cursed Pumpkin: Pumpkin Fields (Sinister Night, 2019, Swallowed Key Productions) [1:59:44 - 2:03:45]
  29. Pumpkin Witch: March of the Undead (Final Strike of the Pumpkin Witch, 2019, Self-Released/Deathbomb Arc) [2:03:45 - 2:10:11]
  30. Randal Collier-Ford: Haunted ([APEX], 2017, Self-Released) [2:10:11 - 2:14:24]
  31. Dead End Ranch: Haunted (Halloween at High Noon: Atmosfear, 2008, Halloween at High Noon) [2:14:24 - 2:16:58]
  32. Graeme Revell: Devil’s Night (The Crow (Original Motion Picture Score), 1994, Varèse Sarabande) [2:16:58 - 2:19:26]
  33. HawaiianFreak: Anything Can Happen On Halloween (Anything Can Happen On Halloween, 2020, HawaiianFreak Youtube Channel) [2:22:22 - 2:25:18]
  34. Suicide Commando: Trick Or Treat (GodDestruktor, 2022, Out of Line) [2:25:18 - 2:29:02]
  35. Brotherhood of Pagans: Halloween (Tales of Vampires, 1995, Darkland of Tears) [2:29:02 - 2:33:15]
  36. God Module: Orange and Black (Let’s Go Dark, 2007, Metropolis/Out of Line) [2:33:15 - 2:37:25]
  37. Faderhead: Halloween Spooky Queens v2022 (Halloween Spooky Queens v2022, 2022, Not a Robot Records) [2:37:25 - 2:41:47]
  38. Hellcat & The Prowl: Halloween (Halloween, 2008?, Unofficial Release) [2:47:54 - 2:50:11]

Local artist

Flyer for: Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin performs “Demons” at The Hall, 721 West Ninth Street, Little Rock. On Sunday, November 5, 2023. More details can be found at littlerockhall.com .

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin is performing the score from Dario Argento’s Demons at The Hall, at 721 W. 9th Street in downtown Little Rock.. Further details and a link to buy tickets can be found on The Hall’s website.

The Hall is at 721 West Seventh Street in downtown Little Rock—it’s about two blocks southeast of Vino’s. Here’s a map with directions.

Flyer for Club Nevermore: Thanksgraving. The flyer is a drawing of a green zombie hand, clutching a turkey drumstick, is sticking out of the ground. There is a full moon in the dark blue sky, and bats are flying in front of the moon. The text reads, “Thanksgraving, Saturday November 11, 2023. Members only, 21+ up, 8PM to 2 AM. 2 hours of creepy karaoke, pie eating contest with The Pumpkin Domme, zombie flicks on the projector, 4 DJs spinning goth+industrial, undead costumes encouraged. At The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.”

The next Club Nevermore event is Saturday, November 11th. From their event description:

“Crawl out from your crypt for a feast for your ears with all the best creepy Goth+Industrial tracks and feed your hunger for our gourd and savior with a wicked Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest! Contest judging by our own Graveyard Gloria as your Pumpkin Domme, encouraging the noms! We will also bring back our creepy karaoke for 2 full hours this time! So be sure to sign up for your best screeching swan song on our website! As always, this is a members only 21+ event. Sign up to join the party at clubnevermore.com