Operator OT's Playlists for Club Nevermore on August 14, 2021

Thanks to everybody who came out to last night’s Club Nevermore at Area 51 or watched the stream, and to Club Nevermore for having me (and being forgiving for the technical glitches)! And thanks to Skull Family for coming down and playing a great show! Here are the playlists from my DJ sets. Set 1 The Bolshoi: Away Killing Joke: Night Time Bauhaus: Dark Entries The Cramps: Human Fly Rubella Ballet: Arctic Flowers Xmal Deutschland: Qual Sisters of Mercy: Alice Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Monkeys On Juice Men Without Hats: Ban the Game (Full Version) Set 2

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Club Nevermore, August 14th, 2021

The next Club Nevermore event is next Saturday, August 14th, at Area 51 in Sherwood. This event will have DJ 10.29, DJ Dagger Dance, DJ Graveyard Gloria, DJ Wilhelm, and DJ Operator OT spinning goth, industrial, EBM, darkwave, etc., plus a live show by Jonesboro’s Skull Family. Doors open at 8 PM and it’s $10 admission. The event will also stream on Club Nevermore’s Twitch channel, starting at 8 PM US CT [9 PM US ET/6 PM US PT/01:00 UTC], for those of you unable to make it to Area 51 in person.

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Returning Tonight, 8/8/2021

We’re returning to the air tonight at our usual time, 10 PM US Central Time (11 PM US Eastern/8 US Pacific/03:00 UTC). We’re going to have some heavy industrial tracks, goth and post-punk, and more on tonight’s show. Listen to us on KUHS-LP 102.5 FM Hot Springs or the free worldwide livestream at kuhsradio.org, or search for us in the TuneIn app for mobile devices if that’s how you prefer to listen.

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Episode 152: 7/11/2021

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#152’ on it.

We began this set with a block of brand new goth, deathrock, and post-punk tracks, mostly by artists that were played on the show for the first time. The following three blocks were a mix of industrial, darkwave, post-punk, etc. that I played in my sets at Club Nevermore’s July 10th event. The fifth block, which was added in post-production, was a set of darkwave, minimal wave, and post-punk from Ukrainian and Russian artists. And the final block was a set of ambient to close out our late Sunday night.

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Episode 151: 6/27/2021

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#151’ on it.

We began this show with a set of industrial tracks to get things warmed up. After that was an interview with local darkwave artist Clusters of Fornication about their upcoming Loss For Words EP. That was followed with a set of set tracks selected by Sean/DJ Hollow from Clusters of Fornication. After that we played a set of synthpop and synthwave. We unplugged at midnight and played some acoustic and dark folk tracks. And we closed the show with a set of ambient tracks.

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Episode 150: 6/20/2021

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#150’ on it.

We reached our 150th show! We started this one with a block of new tracks. Operator OT talked a little about Club Nevermore’s recent return to live in-person events, and the following three blocks were a mix of darkwave, post-punk, and industrial tracks he played at that event. The fifth block was a set of goth, shoegaze, and post-punk tracks by Black and African American artists, in honor of Juneteenth. We closed the show with a set of summer-themed ambient and experimental tracks.

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Thanks to Club Nevermore (June 2021)

Thanks to everybody who came to Club Nevermore’s event on Saturday night—and a big thanks to Club Nevermore and to DJ 10.29, DJ Graveyard Gloria, and DJ Wilhelm for having me! It was great to see some of the regulars after such a long time, as well as meeting some new people. I hope the next event will be even better!

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We're Taking This Week Off (6/12/2021)

Half Machine Lip Moves is taking tonight off becaause I, Operator OT, am still a bit tired from last night’s Club Nevermore. We’ll be back on air next week for our 150th episode (which will also mark our fourth year on the air). Also, thanks to Club Nevermore for having me and to everybody who came out! I had a good time and I hope a good time was had by everybody who came out.

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Club Nevermore Returns to Physical Events on June 12, 2021 at Area 51 in Sherwood

Club Nevermore, Arkansas’s one-and-only goth-industrial event, is returning to physical/in-person events this Saturday, June 12th at Area 51 in Sherwood. This one’s cyberpunk-themed and there will be sets by DJ 10.29, DJ Graveyard Gloria, DJ Operator, and DJ Wilhelm, plus a possible bonus set of harder EBM/aggrotech/power noise from Parabellum afterward. This starts at 8 PM. Masks are encouraged for the unvaccinated.

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Episode 149: 6/6/2021

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#149’ on it.

DJ 10.29 from Club Nevermore, Arkansas’s one-and-only goth-industrial event, came on the show to talk about Club Nevermore’s upcoming return to physical live events on June 12th and he picked some industrial tracks. We followed that with a set of darkwave and post-punk, including a premier of a brand new track from local artist Clusters of Fornication. We followed that up with some goth tracks. We played a set of synthpop/minimal wave in our midnight set, and we closed with ear-blistering psychedelic noise rock.

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