Episode 63: 11/18/2018

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#63' on it.

This episode started out with some new-ish industrial metal, then we went into a block of Central and Eastern European post-punk. Most of the rest of the episode leaned heavy on the heavy and noisy stuff—we had a block of “pants with spare change left in the pockets rattling around in the dryer” industrial, a block power electronics, and a block of noise before ending the show with a block of uh… a block that went from minimal wave to dark ambient.

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Tonight! Author & Punisher and The Body Play in Little Rock

This is a bit of a last-minute announcement but if you’re in Central Arkansas check this out: Author & Punisher and The Body are going to be playing at White Water Tavern in Little Rock with Lux Aeterna and Little Rock’s OR tonight at 8:30. Check White Water Tavern’s website or the show’s Facebook event page for more information.

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Privacy Statement

It’s been brought to our attention—I’m using the royal we here, because Half Machine Lip Moves is ultimately a one-man operation—that we’re supposed to have a privacy statement in order to comply with some law the European Union passed. I don’t want EU stormtroopers and the King of England to kick in my door and raid my house, but I don’t have the money to lawyer up and find out what I actually have to do to to be legal.

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Episode 62: 11/11/2018

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#62' on it.

This was a weird and episode. We started with some industrial, OT talked about difficulties with our Facebook page, then we had a pandering set for our friends Amanda and Jason in South Carolina, then we continued the autumn ambient afterglow in the last hour.

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Welcome to the New Half Machine Lip Moves Site Redux

Welcome to the new Half Machine Lip Moves website… again. A little over a week ago we migrated from Blogger to a site that was powered with Wordpress + WP2Static plugin. After the migration I discovered that much of the site was non-functioning and my efforts at fixing it were unsuccessful—WP2Static is a great idea, but alas, it doesn’t meet this site’s needs. We currently have a Hugo-powered replacement and most things should work; however, the site’s appearance and layout may change in the near future.

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