Episode 65: 12/9/2018

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This episode started with a tribute to the late Pete Shelley (of British punk legends The Buzzcocks) by playing some songs from his solo works, including a track from his forays into experimental synth noise. Then we moved back into industrial by premiering a brand new track by Minneapolis’s Zwaremachine and a block of “pants with spare change rattling around in the dryer industrial,” some listener requests and noisy industrial, and we closed the show with set of post-industrial and ambient—or whatever you call that kind of stuff.

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Join KUHS-LP This Friday For Gallery Walk

If you’re in Hot Springs, check out this event the station is hosting on Friday night during Gallery Walk. Details are available at the station’s website.

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Episode 64: 12/2/2018

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We returned from our Thanksgiving break. We started with “the industrial wading pool” to help ease people in to the show. Then we went with a set of hard and heavy industrial metal, a block of dark and nihilistic industrial and EBM—I guess that’s what I’d call it; I don’t know how to describe this show much of the time—and a block of industrialized black metal. The midnight block was minimal wave and synthpop, and we closed with a block of shoegaze and ambient.

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Check Out This Author and Punisher Video

We’ve got a brief video from last week’s Author & Punisher show. I can’t embed it directly here, but you can see it on our Facebook page.

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Episode 63: 11/18/2018

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This episode started out with some new-ish industrial metal, then we went into a block of Central and Eastern European post-punk. Most of the rest of the episode leaned heavy on the heavy and noisy stuff—we had a block of “pants with spare change left in the pockets rattling around in the dryer” industrial, a block power electronics, and a block of noise before ending the show with a block of uh… a block that went from minimal wave to dark ambient.

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