Episode 254: 6/23/2024

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#254’ on it.

This episode was our 2024 Summer Solstice special. We began with a set of goth, post-punk, etc. tracks with a theme of heat, etc. because it’s been pretty hot recently. The second set was a mix of goth, post-punk, and industrial songs with a theme of summertime. The third block was a mix of synthwave, post-punk, and punk that was themed around beaches, and surfing, because that’s a summertime thing. And the fourth and final set was a mix of experimental and ambient tracks about summer.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction
  2. March Violets: It’s Hot (The Botanic Verses, 1993, Jungle Records/Cleopatra)
  3. The Mission UK: Heat (Children, 1988, Mercury/Vertigo/Polygram)
  4. Missing Foundation: Boiling Hot (Nature is Watching You, 2018, Humanity Records)
  5. Multiple Man: Hotter Than Hell (New Metal, 2017, DKA Records/Paradise Daily)
  6. Bauhaus: Endless Summer of the Damned (Go Away White, 2008, Bauhaus Music/Cooking Vinyl/Let Them Eat Vinyl/Selecta)
  7. A Neon Rome: The Magical Summer of ‘85 (New Heroin, 1986, New Rose Records/Fringe Product/Right Side Records)
  8. Rosetta Stone: Summer (Foundation Stones, 1993, Cleopatra)
  9. Der Noir: Dead Summer (A Dead Summer, 2012, RBL Music Italia/Bloodrock Records)
  10. Chemlab: The Summer of Hate (Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar, 1993, Fifth Colvmn Records/Devotion/Metal Blade Records/Invisible/Armalyte Industries/Distortion Productions)
  11. Destryur, STRNGR, Cobra Wipeout: Terror Beach (Night at the Grindhouse: Part II, 2021, NewRetroWave)
  12. Dreamcrusher: Goths at the Beach (Suicide Deluxe, 2014, Hausu Mountain)
  13. Maniac_2084: Beach Body Ready…To Die (Summer Terror, 2021, Self-Released)
  14. Iron Curtain: Miami Beach (Artifact, 2008, Pylon Records)
  15. The Cramps: Surfin’ Dead (Smell of Female, 1983, New Rose Records/Big Beat Records/Enigma Records/Dutch East Wax Records/Vengeance Records)
  16. Night Birds: Killer Waves (Fresh Kills – Vol. 1, 2011, Grave Mistake Records)
  17. Sutcliffe Jügend & Prurient: End of Spring (End of Autumn, 2008, Troubleman Unlimited)
  18. Coil: Bee Stings (Summer Solstice: Bee Stings, 1998, Eskaton)
  19. Mushroom Grandpa: Summer Rain (Sleep in Herbs, 2021, Self-Released/Black Casket Records/Steel Martyr)
  20. Library Tapes: Evenings in June (Summer Songs, 2020, 1631 Recordings)
  21. Celer: Summer Suite (Mostly Summer, 2016, Self-Released)

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s Beach Goth event on Saturday, July 13, 2024. The text says, “Club Nevermore Beach Goth. Saturday, July 13, 2024. At The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas at 8 PM-2 AM. Goth + industrial music beach blanket dance party, with goth twister, free freezepops, and Crab Rave! Members only event. Join us at clubnevermore.com”

The next Club Nevermore event is Saturday, July 13, 2024. Break out your swimwear and don’t forget your towel!

Club Nevermore is having a beach blanket dance party complete with barefoot dancing on the dancefloor (On your towel of course), Free freezepops, the famous Club NeverMore Goth Twister, and count on a showing of the Crab Rave and Lost Boys on the projector! Dance to 6 hours of the best Goth+Industrial tracks, beach balls provided, and get your summer selfies without baking in the Arkansas heat! Visit ClubNevermore.com to get your membership.

Flyer for Club Nevermore Presents: Eva X, Shadow Fashion, and Vampire Police. The text reads, “Club Nevermore presents: Eva X, Shadow Fashion, Vampire Police. Sunday, July 21, 2024. Doors at 8 PM. $12 in advance, $15 at door, ages 18+. At Stickyz, 107 River Market Avenue, Little Rock AR. More info at stickyz.com”

Club Nevermore is bringing Eva X to Stickyz, 107 River Market Avenue, Little Rock. Vampire Police and Shadow Fashion are also playing this show. This show is ages 18+ up. A Club Nevermore membership is not required for this show. More details and tickets can be found on the Stickyz website.

Flyer for Urban Heat at Stickyz, 107 River Market Avenue, in Little Rock. On Tuesday, August 13, 2024.

Urban Heat is coming to Little Rock, on Tuesday, August 13. They’re playing at Stickyz, 107 River Market Avenue, in Little Rock. Gvllow and Delores Galore are also playing. A link to buy tickets can be found at this page on the Stickyz website.