Episode 211: 12/25/2022

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#211’ on it.

Santa misplaced a gift for you and came back on Christmas night to deliver it. What took place on air was three hours of magic, whimsy, and mirth!

Psyche! Magic, whimsy, and mirth? Hell no, not in this episode! We started by warming up with a set of nasty EBM tracks to stomp all over your holiday joy. Then we blasted the airwaves/streams with a set of power electronics. We eased up for just a moment with a set of nasty noise rock, then we went back into the power electronics and noise. Then we put a rusty spike-covered bow on the show with an experimental-leaning set to put a finishing blow to all your holiday cheer!

But seriously, we hope you had a good holiday whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Winter Solstice, Yule, Kwanzaa—or none of those at all.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction [0:00:00 - 0:06:57]
  2. Alien Vampires: Fuck Off and Die (Fuck Off and Die, 2009, BLC Productions/Gravitator Records/Alfa Matrix) [0:06:57 - 0:12:08]
  3. Luna13: Hear My Call - Stabbing Westward Remix (Hear My Call - Stabbing Westward Remix, 2022, Self-Released) [0:12:08 - 0:18:15]
  4. Rotersand: Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Welcome to Goodbye, 2005, Metropolis/Dependent Records) [0:18:15 - 0:23:29]
  5. Suicide Commando: Die Motherfucker Die (Implements of Hell, 2010, Out of Line/Metropolis) [0:23:29 - 0:29:36]
  6. Propergol: The Worst is Yet to Come (Renegade, 2001, Tesco Organisation) [0:33:03 - 0:38:38]
  7. White Hospital: White Christmas (We Wish You Are Merry X’Mas, 1985, Eskimo Records) [0:38:38 - 0:42:25]
  8. Slogun: Mirror Me-Abuse Me (Written in Blood, 2000, Force Majeure) [0:42:25 - 0:47:08]
  9. Brighter Death Now: Hip Hipp Hurray - I Will Kill You Today (Obsessis, 2000, Cold Meat Industry) [0:47:08 - 0:50:07]
  10. Wolf Eyes: Stabbed in the Face (Burned Mind, 2004, Sub Pop/American Tapes/Hanson Records) [0:50:07 - 0:53:46]
  11. Happy Flowers: All I Got Was Clothes For Christmas (God’s Favorite Dog Compilation, 1986, Touch & Go Records) [0:56:40 - 1:01:20]
  12. Drunk in Hell: Walking Abortion (Drunk in Hell, 2017, Burning World Records) [1:01:20 - 1:09:38]
  13. Brainbombs: Die You Fuck (Obey, 1996, The Releasing Eskimo/Wabana Ore Limited/Armageddon Label/Armageddon Shop) [1:09:38 - 1:15:08]
  14. Rainbow Grave: Ten Millions Tons of Shit (No You, 2019, God Unknown Records) [1:15:08 - 1:20:28]
  15. Amyl & The Sniffers: Freaks to the Front (Comfort to Me, 2021, B2B Records/Rough Trade/ATO Records) [1:20:28 - 1:22:06]
  16. Uranium: We All Deserve Death (Wormboiler, 2021, Sentient Ruin Laboratories) [1:26:00 - 1:31:45]
  17. Kadaver: Don’t You Wish We All Died in 2012? (The Gospel of Getting Kicked in the Head, 2019, Marbre Negre) [1:31:45 - 1:49:48]
  18. Sutcliffe Jügend: With Extreme Prejudice (With Extreme Prejudice, 2011, Cold Spring) [1:53:28 - 2:04:41]
  19. Consumer Electronics: Murder Your Masters (Dollhouse Songs, 2015, Harbinger Sounds) [2:04:41 - 2:09:46]
  20. Lingua Ignota: Butcher of the World (Caligula, 2019, Profound Lore Records) [2:09:46 - 2:16:18]
  21. Jesu: Christmas (Final Remix) (Christmas, 2010, Avalanche Recordings/Robotic Empire) [2:18:45 - 2:33:39]
  22. Controlled Death: Music For the Death Cult Church Track 1 (Music For the Death Cult Church, 2022, Advaita Records) [2:33:39 - 2:38:40]
  23. Seirom: Looks Like Snow Tonight (Looks Like Snow Tonight, 2022, Self-Released) [2:38:40 - 2:42:56]
  24. Showcase Showdown: Merry Christmas I Fucked Your Snowman (Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh!/Merry Christmas I Fucked Your Snowman, 1995, Tario Records) [2:50:35 - 2:52:46]

Flyer for Friday Night Frights. Presenting Silent Night, Bloody Night on Friday, December 30, 2022 at 7 PM. Entry is $10. This is at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas

This month’s Friday Night Frights is a screening of Silent Night, Bloody Night on Friday, December 30, 2022. It starts at 7 PM and entry is $10. This is happening at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock. Details are available on this Facebook event post.

Flyer for Full Moon Market, a monthly indoor vendor market, at The Labyrinth. Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 6 to 9 PM. Free entry. This is at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock.

The next Full Moon Market is on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023 at 6-9 PM at The Labyrinth in Little Rock. This will have local vendors selling their goods. More info can be found at this Facebook event post.

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s Cybergoth - Matrix Party. It has a background of green numbers on black, like what was seen in the movie The Matrix. The text says, “Who do you want to be? Join us in the construct! Saturday, January 14, 2023. Cybergoth - Matrix party. With resident DJs DJ 10.29, DJ Graveyard Gloria, DJ Operator OT, and DJ Wilhelm. Dress to impress. Doors at 8 PM. Admission is $15 for ages 18+; $10 for ages 21+. At The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas

The next Club Nevermore, Central Arkansas’s monthly goth-industrial, is Saturday, January 14, 2023. This one’s a Matrix-themed party! Further details are available on this Facebook event post.

The Labyrinth is at 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. Here is a map with directions:

Flyer for Friday Night Frights at The Labyrinth - Monthly Movie Night, Last Friday of the Month. Friday, January 27, 2023 is Die Sister Die. 100% of ticket sales benefits Arkansas Community Advocates. Ages 18 plus, $10 entry. At The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock.

Friday Night Frights presents Die Sister Die on Friday, January 27, 2023. Entry is $10 for ages 18 plus, and 100% of ticket sales goes to Arkansas Community Advocates. More info can be found at this Facebook event page.