Episode 208: 12/4/2022

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#208’ on it.

We began this show with some new industrial tracks. We followed that with a set of industrial and EBM-ish tracks. Then we played sets of synthwave, synthpop and darkwave. The midnight block was a set of fuzzy and noisy tracks. Then we wrapped up the show with some post-punk, darkwave, and ambient tracks that were mostly themed around the month of December.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction
  2. Noise Unit: Molecule (Cheeba City Blues, 2022, Artoffact Records)
  3. Matt Hart: Terraform (Terraform, 2022, Self-Released)
  4. SpankTheNun: Blot Out the Sun (Blot Out the Sun, 2022, Self-Released)
  5. Thorofon: Hand and Knife (Gladio, 2022, Ant-Zen)
  6. Bob Vylan: Drug War (Bob Vylan Presents the Price of Life, 2022, Ghost Theatre)
  7. Mach Fox: LowTech (VideoLogico, 2022, Self-Released)
  8. Severed Heads: We Have Come to Bless the House (City Slab Horror, 1984, Ink Records/Nettwerk/Volition/Sevcom/Medical Records LLC)
  9. Clock DVA: The Hacker (Buried Dreams, 1989, Interfisch Records/Wax Trax! Records/Contempo Records/Nextera)
  10. Plague Pits: Future Poetry (Poetry From the Future, 2022, Self-Released)
  11. Destryur: Pieces (Pieces, 2022, Self-Released)
  12. Le Castle Vania: Freak (The Otherside Series, Vol. 2, 2019, Self-Released)
  13. Damien Hearse: Hell (Hell, 2022, Self-Released)
  14. Cat Temper: Tomcat Sawyer (Something Whiskered This Way Comes, 2019, Self-Released/Lazersteel Records)
  15. Scandroid: Neo-Tokyo — Dance With the Dead Remix (Dreams of Neo Tokyo, 2017, FIXT Music)
  16. Chambermaiden: Silver Bullet (Cemetery Creep, 2022, Self-Released)
  17. The Chores: Jealous Forever (Jealous Forever, 2022, Self-Released)
  18. Male Tears: Jaded (Jaded, 2022, Self-Released)
  19. Harsh Symmetry: Skin (Display Model, 2022, Fabrika Records)
  20. BOAN: Freaksnake (Mentiras, 2015, HoloDeck)
  21. Patriarchy: Suffer (The Unself, 2022, Dero Arcade)
  22. Celebrate the Nun: Maybe Tomorrow (Meanwhile, 1989, Enigma Records/Westside Music/TwentyTen Music)
  23. Bomb the Day Nursery: Stop Your Insuflator (Discipline Through Mental Illness, 1983, Selbstmord Organización/Cold Meat Industry)
  24. Haus Arafna: Blood (Blut (Trilogie Des Blutes), 1995, Galakthorrö)
  25. Wold: Dragon Owl Didacticism (Freermasonry, 2011, Profound Lore Records/Ideologic Organ)
  26. Karl Runau: Wet Dream (Osmose, 1994, Galakthorrö)
  27. Un-Kommuniti: A Nation’s Excreta, Part 1 (Sense of Unmaking, 198?, Freedom in a Vacuum/Black Dwarf Wreckording)
  28. Day Room: Bomb Shelter (Day Room, 2021, Sister Cylinder)
  29. Blade Fetish: Last December (Absinthe, 1992, Tess Records)
  30. Iron Curtain: One December Day (Artifact, 2008, Pylon Records)
  31. Lycia: December (Cold, 1996, Projekt/Silber Records/Handmade Birds/Lycium Music/Avantgarde Music)
  32. Motion Sickness of Time Travel: Ballade For a Cold Moon (Excerpt) (Ballade For a Cold Moon, 2013, Self-Released

Local artist

Flyer for Full Moon Market, Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. 6 to 9 PM. Free entry.

The next Full Moon Market will be Wednesday, December 7 at The Labyrinth in Little Rock. This will have local vendors selling handmade, spooky, etc. items. More details can be found here.

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s Cure For the Holidays event. Saturday, December 10, 2022 at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. This has an image of a snow-covered forest in the background. In the foreground, on the right, is a silhouette of Robert Smith holding a guitar. The text says, ‘A cacophony of Cure tracks. Photos with Krampus. Hot cocoa and cookies. Gift exchange. Doors at 8 PM. $15 for 18+, $10 for 21+. More details at Club Nevermore.’

The next Club Nevermore, Central Arkansas’s monthly goth-industrial event, is Saturday, December 10th at The Labyrinth in Little Rock.

It’ll be an evening featuring far more than a bakers dozen of tracks by The Cure! Come get your photos with Krampus and drink some hot cocoa with your holiday cookies! Bring a gift valued at $10 or so, and be part of the gift exchange at 11pm with Krampus! Be a Scrooge and don’t bring a gift, you might get a spanking by Krampus! And of course we will also be spinning all your favorite goth and industrial tracks all night with resident DJs 10.29, Graveyard Gloria, Operator OT and Wilhelm!

The Labyrinth is at 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. Here is a map with directions:

Flyer for Sci-Fi Fridays at The Labyrinth. 20 Million Miles to Earth. Friday, December 16, 2022 at 7 PM. Entry is $10. The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This month’s Sci-Fi Friday is at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock, on Friday, December 16, 2022. It will be a screening of 20 Million Miles to Earth. Details are available at this Facebook event post.

Flyer for Friday Night Frights. Presenting Silent Night, Bloody Night on Friday, December 30, 2022 at 7 PM. Entry is $10. This is at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street, Little Rock, Arkansas

This month’s Friday Night Frights is a screening of Silent Night, Bloody Night on Friday, December 30, 2022. It starts at 7 PM and entry is $10. This is happening at The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock. Details are available on this Facebook event post.