Episode 175: 2/27/2022

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#175’ on it.

We began this show with a set of tracks by post-punk, darkwave, and industrial artists that have upcoming shows in the Central Arkansas area. That was followed with a set of post-punk, noise rock, and industrial tracks with a theme that should be noticeable (i.e., nuclear war). We followed that with a set of industrial and noisy hip-hop tracks made by artists who are Black/African American or are fronted by Black/African American persons in honor of Black History Month. The next block was a set of post-punk and darkwave tracks by Ukrainian artists. The midnight block was a set of requested industrialized techno, etc. tracks. Then we finished the show with a set of shoegaze and post-punk tracks by artists who are Black/African American or groups fronted by Black/African American persons, in honor of Black History Month.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction [0:00:00]
  2. Illusionaut: Bella (The New Body Electric, 2021, Spinning Inside Music/Self-Released) [0:08:32 - 0:13:33]
  3. Skull Family: Void (Sphone, 2020, Self-Released) [0:13:33 - 0:17:29]
  4. The Pop Ritual: Blood Meridian (It Sheds Again, 2019, Thisco) [0:17:29 - 0:22:30]
  5. Suicide Commando: The Pain That You Like (Forest of the Impaled, 2017, Out of Line/Metropolis) [0:22:30 - 0:27:01]
  6. The Mob: No Doves Fly Here (May Inspire Revolutionary Acts, 2007, Overground Records) [0:31:12 - 0:37:29]
  7. Black Rain: Nuclear Village (Metal Rain 1989-93, 2018, DKA Records) [0:37:29 - 0:39:58]
  8. Grave Pleasures: Falling For An Atom Bomb (Motherblood, 2017, Century Media/Secret Trees) [0:39:58 - 0:43:09]
  9. Bam Bam: Ground Zero (Free Fall From Outer Space, 2019, Buttocks Productions) [0:43:09 - 0:47:47]
  10. Ozzuario: Nuclear War (Desolation/Destruction (荒廃 عذاب), 2018, Distort//Discos) [0:47:47 - 0:51:38]
  11. Arctic Flowers: Rising (Reveries, 2011, Inimical Records/Trująca Fala/Sabotage/Self-Released) [0:51:38 - 0:54:40]
  12. Militia Vox: Reptile (Bait, 2014, Unknown Label/Militous Productions) [1:00:34 - 1:06:10]
  13. Helvete Inc.: The Reckoning God (9-3-21, 2021, Self-Released) [1:06:10 - 1:11:00]
  14. Backxwash: I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and Dresses (I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and Dresses, 2021, Uglyhag Records) [1:11:00 - 1:15:54]
  15. Clipping.: Attunement (There Existed An Addiction to Blood, 2019, Sub Pop) [1:15:54 - 1:20:36]
  16. Dreamcrusher: Youth Problem (Grudge2, 2018, Corpus/Ormolycka) [1:20:36 - 1:24:33]
  17. The Glass Beads: City of Anger (Therapy, 2020, Fabrika) [1:31:12 - 1:36:20]
  18. Erzats Kultura: Drug Ili Vrag (Friend or Foe) (Erzats Al’bom, 2020, Self-Released) [1:36:20 - 1:39:13]
  19. Sexual Purity: In the Ocean (Suffer | Hope, 2021, Self-Released) [1:39:13 - 1:43:01]
  20. Icy Men: Polupustye Avtobusy (Uninhabited Busses) (Low Light, 2020, Cold Transmission Music) [1:43:01 - 1:46:56]
  21. Corn Wave: Summer Playlist (Some Junk Tapes From Outer Space, 2020, Elek//Chestvo) [1:46:56 - 1:50:14]
  22. Morwan: Vsye Budto Son (Everything is Like a Dream) (Zola-Zemlya, 2020, Sierpien Records/Death Shadow Records/Reclusion Records/Feel It Records/Self-Released) [1:50:14 - 1:56:02]
  23. The Tear Garden: Amy’s Personality (The Brown Acid Caveat, 2017, Sub-Conscious Communications/Metropolis) [2:02:14 - 2:08:41]*
  24. Primal Wound: When in Rome (When in Rome, 2021, Manimal Vinyl) [2:08:41 - 2:15:33]
  25. Master Boot Record: AVR Graffiti Writers (VIRTUAVERSE.OST, 2020, Blood Music) [2:15:33 - 2:22:52]*
  26. Majesty Crush: Boyfriend (I Love You in Other Cities – The Best of Majesty Crush 1990-1995, 2007, Full Effect Records) [2:27:19 - 2:31:40]
  27. P.S. I Love You: Where the Fuck is Kevin Shields? (Heart of Stone, 2002, Rocket Girl) [2:31:40 - 2:36:16]
  28. Yves Tumor: Jackie (The Asymptotical World EP, 2021, Warp Records) [2:36:16 - 2:39:09]
  29. RNIE: Units (Figi Afterglow, 2015, Self-Released) [2:39:09 - 2:41:36]
  30. The Veldt: The Color of Love is Blue (Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose, 2017, SonaBlast! Records) [2:41:36 - 2:44:51]
  31. Cold Gawd: Color Change (Covers 2021, 2021, The Void Trademark) [2:44:51 - 2:50:50]

Local artist
* Requested track

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s March 2022 Event. The flyer’s text says, ‘Club Nevermore, Saturday, March 12, 2022. Resident DJs spinning goth+industrial, post-punk, synthpop, etc., plus live performance by The Pop Ritual from Memphis, Tennessee. $10 cover, ages 21 and up, doors open at 8 PM. At Area 51, 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, Arkansas.

The next Club Nevermore is coming up on March 12, 2022. This will have goth-industrial, darkwave, post-punk, etc. sets by Club Nevermore’s resident DJs, plus a live show by The Pop Ritual from Memphis. There is a $10 cover charge; doors open at 8 PM. Further info can be found on this Facebook post.

I (Operator OT) don’t necessarily condone taking the directions to Area 51 that Google provides—Google’s directions might get you stuck in an alley without an easy way out. This is what I advise…

For those travelling from Little Rock, take I-30 north to I-40 East, then turn onto Highway 67/167 North. Take Exit 4, Brockington Road. Get in the left lane and go north till you reach the traffic light at Brookswood Road. Turn left and go south for two blocks to Warden Road, which is a one-way road (and the access road for Highway 67/167 South). Turn right onto Warden Road and go south for about half a mile. Area 51 will be in the strip mall on the right, between a car dealership and a Waffle House. Enter Area 51 by going into Alibis Bar, which does the admissions for Area 51.

For those travelling from North Little Rock, get on JFK Boulevard and go north till you reach East Kiehl Avenue. Turn right and go east, following the signs directing drivers to Highway 67/167 South, which will turn right onto Warden Road.

Or use the embedded Google Map below to find directions.

Flyer for Illusionaut, Skull Family, and The Pop Ritual, at Vino’s, 923 W. 7th Street in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, March 26, 2022.

Little Rock’s Illusionaut, Jonesboro’s Skull Family, and Memphis’s The Pop Ritual are playing at Vinos, located at 923 West 7th Street in Little Rock (at the corner of 7th and Chester Streets) on Saturday, March 26, 2022. Details about the show can be found here.

Use the map below for directions to Vino’s…

Flyer for Suicide Commando, performing at Area 51, at 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, on July 4, 2022, presented by Club Nevermore. There is Club Nevermore’s logo, which is a skull with a raven inside of it, on the left side. On the right side is a photo of Suicide Commando’s Johan Van Roy, which has another photo overlaid on top, creating a double exposure-like effect.

The legendary Belgian industrial band Suicide Commando is coming to Club Nevermore! Club Nevermore and Bragi Events are bringing Suicide Commando to Area 51, at 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, on Monday, July 4, 2022. Further info can be found here. Tickets are now on sale at EventBrite.