Episode 167: 12/5/2021

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#167’ on it.

We began this show with a set of mostly new tracks, and threw in a couple of Krampus-themed songs in honor of it being Krampusnacht on the night the show originally aired. Then we played a block of industrial and EBM tracks. That was followed with a set of deathrock and post-punk. Then we decided to alienate many of our listeners by dropping in a set of noise and power electronics right in the middle of the show. The midnight block was a set of post-punk, and we closed the show with a set themed around the month of December.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction
  2. Bob Vylan: I Heard You Want Your Country Back (We Live Here, 2020, Venn Records/Ghost Theatre Records)
  3. The Horrors: Against the Blade (Against the Blade, 2021, Fiction Records/Wolf Tone)
  4. Egrets On Ergot: Vital Stats (Battle/Choice/Luxe, 2021, Self-Released)
  5. Beekeepers: Krampus Shaved My Mailbox (Varroa Mites, 2016, Vacant Stare Records)
  6. Mach Fox: Quasar (Hollow Moons, 2021, Self-Relesaed)
  7. Hocico: Broken Empires - Radio Version (Broken Empires/Lost World, 2021, Out of Line)
  8. Ohgr: Subject (Tricks, 2018, Self-Released)
  9. Choke Chain: Nightfall (Invoking Shadows, 2021, Phage Tapes)
  10. Centhron: Krampus (Krampus, 2018, Scanner)
  11. Zwaremachine: Zero Containment (Conquest 3000, 2021, Phage Tapes)
  12. Aztec Death: Into This Grave (Machine, 2016, Self-Releasd)
  13. Swan Wash: Dark Water (The Upstairs Museum, 2020, Sister Cylinder/Self-Released)
  14. Nox Novacula: Last Will and Testament (Ascension, 2021, Bat-Cave Productions/Manic Depression)
  15. Sex Gang Children: The Crack Up (Song and Legend, 1983, Illuminated Records/DRO/Dojo/Cherry Red)
  16. Mephisto Walz: Like the Wind (All These Winding Roads, 2020, Dark Vinyl Records)
  17. Horror Vacui: Lost (Living For Nothing…, 2020, Agipunk/Bat-Cave Productions/HeavyTape/Self-Released)
  18. Wold: December Eve (Screech Owl, 2008, Profound Lore Records)
  19. Controlled Death: Death Ceremonies I (Death Ceremonies, 2020, Cold Spring)
  20. Un-Kommuniti: Holy Shit (Sense of Unmaking, 198?, Freedom in a Vaccuum/Black Dwarf Wreckordings/Zeal SS)
  21. Fauchion: Beryl Blade Reddening (Sentimental Noise, Issue #002 Compilation, 2021, Jagjaguwar)
  22. Illusionaut: Through the Trees (Through the Trees, 2021, Spinning Inside/Self-Released)
  23. Eyeless in Gaza: Seven Years (Photographs As Memories, 1980, Cherry Red/Edigsa/Ariston Music/Music-Box)
  24. The Names: Calcutta (Swimming, 1982, Les Disques Du Crépuscule, Factory Benelux/LTM)
  25. Asylum Party: Misfortunes? (What Will You Learn?, 1989, Lively Art)
  26. Traitrs: Magdalene (Horses in the Abbatoir, 2021, Freakwave)
  27. Unwound: December (Leaves Turn Inside You, 2001, Kill Rock Stars/Matador/Rebel Beat Factory/Numero Group)
  28. Blade Fetish: Last December (Absinthe, 1992, Tess Records/Tess Records Europe)
  29. Iron Curtain: One December Day (Artifact, 2008, Pylon Records)
  30. Lycia: December (Cold, 1996, Projekt Records/Handmade Birds/Silber Records/Lycium Music/Avantgarde Music)

Local artist

Flyer for Club Nevermore Presents Goth on the Rocks, at Area 51 in Sherwood. There is a photo of a person wearing a black shirt and a black leather jacket. The text says, ‘Club Nevermore. Goth on the Rocks. Goth rock hits all night! Saturday, December 11, 2021, at Area 51 in Sherwood. Doors open at 8 PM. Admission is $10. Ages 21+ up. Proof of covid vaccination or a 48-hour negative test is required for entry. Only at Area 51, 6511 Warden Road, in Sherwood, Arkansas.

Club Nevermore’s next event, Goth on the Rocks, is coming up on Saturday, December 11th at Area 51, located at 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood. This event will have DJ 10.29, DJ Graveyard Gloria, DJ Wilhelm, and Operator OT spinning cool goth-industrial music.

Important note: proof of covid vaccination or a 48-hour negative covid test is required for entry to the event. We recommend putting a picture of your vaccination card on your phone.

Flyer for New Year’s Noir: A Bragi Events and Club Nevermore Dark Dance Party, on Friday, December 31, 2021 at Area 51, 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, Arkansas. Tickets are $15 adavce online, $20 at the door. Doors open at 9 PM. Ages 21+ only. Spinning goth, industrial, synthpop, and EBM all night! We will be taking requests! Cash balloon drop at midnight. Afterparty: we are serving till 5 AM. Champagne toast at midnight. Drink specials all night.

Club Nevermore and Bragi events are presenting New Year’s Noir: Dark Dance Party at Area 51, 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, on Friday, December 31, 2021. Tickets are $15 advance purchase online, $20 at the door. Ages 21+ only. Spinning goth, industrial, EBM, synthpop, all night! There is also an after party. They are serving till 5 AM with champagne toast at midnight and drink specials. Further info is available at https://www.facebook.com/events/960191001576434/.

I (Operator OT) don’t necessarily condone taking the directions to Area 51 that Google provides—Google’s directions might get you stuck in an alley without an easy way out. This is what I advise…

For those travelling from Little Rock, take I-30 north to I-40 East, then turn onto Highway 67/167 North. Take Exit 4, Brockington Road. Get in the left lane and go north till you reach the traffic light at Brookswood Road. Turn left and go south for two blocks to Warden Road, which is a one-way road (and the access road for Highway 67/167 South). Turn right onto Warden Road and go south for about half a mile. Area 51 will be in the strip mall on the right, between a car dealership and a Waffle House. Enter Area 51 by going into Alibis Bar, which does the admissions for Area 51.

For those travelling from North Little Rock, get on JFK Boulevard and go north till you reach East Kiehl Avenue. Turn right and go east, following the signs directing drivers to Highway 67/167 South, which will turn right onto Warden Road.

Or use the embedded Google Map below to find directions.