We Return Tomorrow Night, on 11/26/2023

The image is reddish-orange box. There are four yellow boxes with text on them. The text reads, “Half Machine Lip Moves. Industrial, darkwave, goth, shoegaze, experimental, and more! November 26, 2023 at 10 PM Central Time (11 PM Eastern/8 PM Pacific/05:00 UTC) on KUHS-LP 102.5 FM, free worldwide streaming at kuhsradio.org.

We’re back from our post-Halloween break! We’re returning to the air/streams tomorrow night, on November 26, 2023. We’re going to play a set of piping hot new tracks, songs by bands that have a show coming up next weekend, and more! We’ll be on at the usual time and place, 10 PM CT [11 PM ET/8 PM PT/05:00 UTC] on KUHS-LP 102.5 FM Hot Springs/kuhsradio.org.