Operator OT's Playlists from Club Nevermore on 8/13/2022

I, Operator OT, want to say thanks a lot to everybody who came out to Club Nevermore’s event on Saturday, August 13! And also thanks to Club Nevermore and The Labyrinth for having me! I hope a good time was had by all who came out.

Here are my set lists from that night.

Set 1

  1. Death Loves Veronica: Burn
  2. Depeche Mode: It’s Called a Heart
  3. Bootblacks: Hidden Things
  4. Ultra Sunn: Night is Mine
  5. Sisters of Mercy: Alice
  6. Blu Anxxiety: Send Me An Angel
  7. Skeletal Family: Promised Land

Set 2

  1. Xmal Deutschland: Qual
  2. Fad Gadget/Frank Tovey: Collapsing New People
  3. Bauhaus: Dark Entries
  4. Patriarchy: Suffer
  5. Funker Vogt: Killing Fields
  6. Hocico: Artificial Extinction
  7. Vision Video: In My Side
  8. The Cure: Primary