Thanks to Club Nevermore (June 2021)

Thanks to everybody who came to Club Nevermore’s event on Saturday night—and a big thanks to Club Nevermore and to DJ 10.29, DJ Graveyard Gloria, and DJ Wilhelm for having me! It was great to see some of the regulars after such a long time, as well as meeting some new people. I hope the next event will be even better!

Here are my playlists from the night:

Set 1:

  1. Depeche Mode: Black Celebration
  2. Sisters of Mercy: Rock and a Hard Place
  3. High-Functioning Flesh: Hunger Cries
  4. Siouxsie & The Banshees: Cities in Dust - Extended Version
  5. Skinny Puppy: Glass Houses
  6. Light Asylum: Dark Allies
  7. Circuit 7: Video Boys

Set 2

  1. Klack: With Precision
  2. Liaisons Dangeureses: Los Niños Del Parque
  3. Linea Aspera: Synapse
  4. Scandroid: Writing’s On the Wall
  5. Coil: The Wheel
  6. Zwaremachine: Conquest 3000 (Batavia Remix)
  7. Molchat Doma: Tantsevat
  8. Leather Strip: Beat My Guest

Club Nevermore will be doing events on the second Saturday of each month at Area 51 in Sherwood. Follow Club Nevermore for further info and details.