Operator OT Setlists from Club Nevermore 5/13/2023

I wanted to say thanks to everybody who came out to Club Nevermore: The Mad Hatter’s Ball on Saturday, and thanks to Club Nevermore for having me! My set lists are below the cut

Set 1

  1. Molchat Doma: Na Dnye
  2. Alien Sex Fiend: They Call Me Crazee
  3. Light Asylum: Knights and Weekends
  4. Bauhaus: The Sanity Assassin
  5. Skeletal Family: She Cries Alone
  6. Virgin Prunes: Baby Turns Blue
  7. Joy Division: She’s Lost Control
  8. Scandroid: Neo Tokyo – Dance With the Dead Remix
  9. Skinny Puppy: Tin Omen
  10. VNV Nation: Before the Rain

Set 2

  1. Urban Heat: Have You Ever?
  2. Dead Can Dance: The Trial
  3. Switchblade Symphony: Doll House
  4. Orgy: Fiction (Dreams in Digital)
  5. Ministry: Burning Inside
  6. Siouxsie & The Banshees: Head Cut
  7. Echo & The Bunnymen: Heads Will Roll
  8. Sisters of Mercy: Alice
  9. The Cure: Short Term Effect
  10. Horror Vacui: Opus Tenebris
  11. Sex Beat: Sex Beat
  12. Shotgun Messiah: I’m a Gun