Operator OT's Nevermore: Forevermore Setlist

This is my (Operator OT)’s setlist from the Club Nevermore: Forevermore event on January 8, 2022. Visit clubnevermore.com or consult their social media for info on their future events.

  1. Screaming Dead: Twentieth Century Vampire
  2. Sisters of Mercy: Walk Away
  3. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Hollow Eyes
  4. Asylum Party: Play Alone
  5. The Frozen Autumn: Bio-Vital
  6. Rosetta Stone: Tomorrow For Us
  7. Bauhaus: Dark Entries
  8. Twin Tribes: Heart and Feather
  9. Siouxsie & The Banshees: Cascade
  10. 45 Grave: Dream Hits II
  11. Selofan: Auf Deiner Haut