Episode 248: 3/24/2024

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#248’ on it.

This was our belated International Women’s Day Show, in which we played songs by women/woman-fronted bands. We began the show with mostly new electro, darkwave, and industrial. That was followed with a set of synthpop and darkwave. Then we played a set of goth and post-punk. The fourth set was a mix of noise rock and experimental tracks. We played some experimental and musique concrète tracks by a few of the lesser-known pioneers of electronic music in the fifth block, and we finished the show with mix of shoegaze and ambient.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction
  2. Color Noir & Corlyx: Silver Bullet (Silver Bullet, 2024, Self-Released)
  3. Night Club: Barbwire Kiss (Masochist, 2024, Self-Released)
  4. Vampire Police: Roxanne’s Nightie (Night of the Demos, 2023, Self-Released)
  5. Sarah P.: Just Another Day (Y14, 2024, EraseRestart)
  6. Eva X: Dopamine Blind (Dopamine Blind, 2024, Distortion Productions)
  7. Anja Huwe: Rabenschwarz (Codes, 2024, Sacred Bones Records)
  8. Debby Friday: Hot Love (Boy Harsher Remix) (Hot Love (Boy Harsher Remix), 2023, Sub Pop)
  9. Casino Shanghai: Hollow Bodies (Film, 1985, Comrock/Gatos X Liebre/Mecanica)
  10. Sexual Purity: Two Things Remake (Remake, 2024, Self-Released)
  11. Anne Clark: Our Darkness (Joined Up Writing, 1984, Ink Records/10 Records/Beehive Records/Virgin/FD Administration)
  12. Summore: Dust (New Pain, 2023, Self-Released)
  13. Selofan: Sticky Fingers (Sticky Fingers, 2024, Fabrika Records)
  14. Objayda: 100 Years From Now (As If to Say, 1985, Burning Ice Records)
  15. The Bleak Assembly: Slow Down Time (We Became Strangers, 2022, Self-Released)
  16. Rosegarden Funeral Party: Doorway Ghost (From the Ashes, 2024, Self-Released)
  17. Lunar Paths: Heartshot (Heartshot, 2023, Self-Released)
  18. Secret Shame: January (Autonomy, 2022, Self-Released)
  19. Antiworld: Just Go (Bloody Classics, 2011, Another State of Mind)
  20. Adrenochrome: Celebration (In Memoriam, 2022, Self-Released/Symphony of Destruction)
  21. Kim Gordon: Psychedelic Orgasm (The Collective, 2024, Matador)
  22. Bam Bam: Ground Zero (Free Fall From Space, 2019, Buttocks Productions)
  23. A Deer A Horse: Committed (Committed, 2024, Self-Released)
  24. Nisennenmondai: Pop Group (それで想像する ねじ [Sore De Sōzō Suru Neji], 2004, Dotlinecircle)
  25. Couch Slut: Ode to Jimbo (Ode to Jimbo, 2024, Brutal Panda Records)
  26. Snooper: Pod (Super Snõõper, 2023, Third Man Records)
  27. Otoboke Beaver: PARDON? (Super Champon, 2022, Damnably)
  28. Johanna Magdalena Beyer: Music of the Spheres (An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music Vol. 2 Compilation, 2003, [SubRosa] (https://www.discogs.com/master/250176-Various-An-Anthology-Of-Noise-Electronic-Music-Second-A-Chronology-1936-2003))
  29. Else Marie Pade: Syv Cirkler (1958) (Electronic Works 1958-1995, 2014, Important Records)
  30. Beatriz Ferreyra: Medisances (GRM Works, 2015, Recollection GRM/Editions Mego)
  31. Oksana Linde: Viaje Hacia La Luz (Aquatic and Other Worlds (1983-1989), 2022, Buh Records)
  32. Blonde Redhead: 23 (23, 2007, 4AD/Beggars Japan/Remote Control)
  33. Partial Traces: Days Between Dreams (Stay Dreaming, 2023, Salinas Records/Stay Dreaming Records)
  34. Haunted Disco: Meet Me There (Feat. Tulip) (The Hidden Anxieties of Imprecise Lines, 2023, Self-Released)
  35. Chloe Cherrie: Sleepy Time (TwentyTwenty, 2023, Self-Released)
  36. Ana Roxanne: Suite Pour L’Invisible (Because of a Flower, 2020, Kranky)

Local artist

Club Nevermore is celebrating its fifth anniversary on Saturday, April 13, 2024! This will have sets from Nevermore’s resident DJs, plus there’s an opportunity to have the Club Nevermore logo screenprinted on anything you want for $5. This event’s wasteland/post-apocalyptic themed. This will be at the Labyrinth, 619 S. Spring St., Little Rock. This is also a private, members-only event. More info can be found at Club Nevermore’s website.

DJ Death Mistress Birthday Bash Show flyer. The text reads, “Alien Abstraction, Clusters of Fornication, DJ Death Mistress, and Razorwire Halo. Saturday, April 13, 2024 at Dark Hearts Community, 3130 South School Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas. All ages, $10 pre-sale, $15 at door, all ages.”

On Saturday, April 13, 2024 is the DJ Death Mistress Birthday Bash, with Alien Abstraction, Clusters of Fornication, DJ Death Mistress, and Razorwire Halo. Admission is $10 for pre-sale, $15 at the door. The show is all-ages, doors open at 7 PM. More info and a link to buy tickets can be found here.

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s Fifth-Anniversary event. There is a picture of a raven, with an eclipsed sun in the background. The text on the flyer reads, “Club Nevermore. Friday, April 26, 2024. 5 Year Anniversary event. Live performances by Summore, White Mansion, Vampire Police, Clusters of Fornication. At Vino’s, 923 West Seventh Street, Little Rock. All ages, $25 admission, doors open at 7 PM.”

Club Nevermore is celebrating its fifth-year anniversary with a show on Friday, April 26, 2024 at Vino’s! Club Nevermore alumni Summore, Vampire Police, and Clusters of Fornication, and White Mansion are playing and I, Operator OT, will be DJing. This event’s all-ages. Admission is $25, doors open at 7 PM. More info can be found on this Facebook event page.