Episode 192: 7/31/2022

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#192’ on it.

We began this show with a set of new industrial and goth tracks. The next block was a set of tracks from releases by the Metropolis label, in honor of their founder Dave Heckman. We followed that up with a set of loud and nasty noise rock tracks. Then we played a set of power electronics. We cooled the airwaves down with some minimal wave and synthpop tracks, then we closed out the show with a set of shoegaze and ambient tracks.

  1. Introduction [0:00:00 - 0:01:16]
  2. The Frozen Autumn: Polar Plateau (Is Anybody There?, 2005, Pandaimonium Records/Twilight Records/Gravitator Records/Calembour Records) [0:01:16 - 0:06:04]
  3. Plague Pits: An Atlas of Human Suffering (Exterminator, 2022, Self-Released) [0:10:41 - 0:14:03]
  4. Korine: Mt. Airy (Mt. Airy, 2022, Self-Released?) [0:14:03 - 0:17:00]
  5. Vazum: Angel (Angel, 2022, Self-Released) [0:17:00 - 0:21:16]
  6. Emmaline Twist: Aspera (Aspera, 2022, Self-Released/Black Site) [0:21:16 - 0:25:52]
  7. Wumpscut: Soylent Green (Music For a Slaughtering Tribe, 1993, Metropolis/VUZ Records/Subtronic Records/Beton Kopf Media) [0:32:06 - 0:38:09]
  8. Decoded Feedback: Infect Me (EVOlution, 1999, Metropolis) [0:38:09 - 0:43:49]
  9. Kill Shelter: The Necklace (Featuring Agent Side Grinder) (Asylum, 2022, Metropolis/Manic Depression) [0:43:49 - 0:48:45]
  10. The Epoxies: Tragedy (My New World, 2007, Metropolis) [0:48:45 - 0:50:37]
  11. Chat Pile: Slaughterhouse (God’s Country, 2022, Flenser Records) [0:55:01 - 0:59:10]
  12. Drunk in Hell: I’m Not Laughing (Drunk in Hell, 2017, Burning World Records) [0:59:10 - 1:02:33]
  13. Swans: Power For Power (Filth, 1983, Neutral Records/Zensor/Young God Records/Mute) [1:02:33 - 1:08:21]
  14. Couch Slut: The Mouthwash Years (Take a Chance on Rock ‘n’ Roll, 2020, Gilead Media) [1:08:21 - 1:11:19]
  15. Bruxa Maria: Manual Labour vs Office Dickheads (The Maddening, 2020, Hominid Sounds) [1:11:19 - 1:13:44]
  16. Brainbombs: Die You Fuck (Obey, 1996, The Releasing Esk*mo/Wabane Ore Limited/Armageddon Label) [1:13:44 - 1:19:15]
  17. Voorhees: Dead Meat (Smiling at Death, 1996, Grand Theft Audio) [1:19:15 - 1:20:13]
  18. Lingua Ignota: Butcher of the World (Caligula, 2019, Profound Lore Records) [1:29:47 - 1:36:19]
  19. Pharmakon: Locusts and Honeyblood - Live (7/2009) (Live Recording, 2009) [1:36:19 - 1:45:45]
  20. Slogun: Tied to My Fists (Kill to Forget, 1999, Jinx) [1:45:45 - 1:49:13]
  21. SPK: Slogun (Dokument III0 1979, 2010, Vinyl-On-Demand) [1:49:13 - 1:55:22]
  22. Solid Space: Spectrum is Green (Space Museum, 1982, In Phaze/Dark Entries) [2:02:28 - 2:05:32]
  23. Experimental Products: Sweet Rejection (Prototype, 1982, Short Circuit Records/Vinyl-On-Demand) [2:05:32 - 2:10:27]
  24. Iko: Subway 49 (‘83, 1982, Manhattan – Formula/Medical Records LLC) [2:10:27 - 2:15:19]
  25. SRSQ: Abyss (Abyss, 2022, Dais Records) [2:20:44 - 2:27:45]
  26. Emeralds: Candy Shoppe (Does it Look Like I’m Here?, 2010, Editions Mego/P-Vine Records) [2:27:45 - 2:32:23]
  27. Whitelands: How It Feels (How it Feels, 2022, Self-Released) [2:32:23 - 2:36:22]
  28. It Only Gets Worse: Move Forward (Summer Bled Out, 2022, Self-Released) [2:36:22 - 2:41:33]
  29. Cold Gawd: The New Sun Will Warm Our Naked Bodies (The Creative Pursuits of Me and You, 2020, The Void Trademark/Self-Released) [2:41:33 - 2:44:38]

Flyer for the August Full Moon Market at The Labyrinth. The flyer has a picture of a full moon with a drawing of a couple of small clouds next to it on a black background. The text says, “Thursday, August 11, 2022. Full Moon Market. 6 PM till 9 PM. Free entry. Vendors, drinks, and food truck. At The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Labyrinth, at 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock, is hosting a Full Moon Market on Thursday, August 11, 2022. Further details can be found here on this Facebook event page.

Flyer for Sci-Fi Fridays, Mid-Month Movie Night. This shows a picture of a couple of men in spacesuits on an alien planet, possibly Mars. The text says, “Sci-Fi Fridays. Presenting Phantom Planet on Friday, August 12, 2022 at The Labyrinth, at 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. Starts at 7:00 PM, entry fee is $10. Ticket sales benefit Arkansas Community Advocates.

Sci-Fi Fridays is presenting Phantom Planet on Friday, August 12 at The Labyrinth in Little Rock. It starts at 7:00 PM and entry is $10. Ticket sales from this event benefit Arkansas Community Advocates. Further details can be found on this Facebook event page.

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s August 13, 2022 event. It has a sepia-colored background. The Club Nevermore logo is on the left. The text under it reads, “Club Nevermore. Goth plus industrial night. Admission: Ages 18 and up: $15. Ages 21 and up: $10.” On the right side is a white box, which was made to look like it was scrated into the paper. The text reads, “Saturday, August 13, 2022. 9 PM till 2 AM. Resident DJs 10.29, Graveyard Gloria, Operator OT, Wilhelm, plus guest DJ St Faust from Dystopia, Memphis, Tennessee. At The Labyrinth, 619 South Spring Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The next edition of Club Nevermore, Arkansas’s premier goth-industrial event, is Saturday, August 13, 2022. The event starts at 9 PM. This will have goth-industrial, etc. sets by DJ 10.29, DJ Graveyard Gloria, DJ Wilhelm, yours truly, and a special guest set by DJ St. Faust from Dystopia in Memphis. Further details can be found on this Facebook event page.

The Labyrinth is located at 619 South Spring Street in downtown Little Rock. Use the map below to get directions, but please note The Labyrith is not at the spot Google Maps shows; it’s actually between Electric Panther Tattoo and The Studio Theatre. The photo below shows where The Labyrinth is located.

This is a modified Google Street View image showing the location of The Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is on the right hand side of the building. The place next to it in the photo is empty but it’s currently the Electric Panther Tattoo Shop.

This is is a modified Google Street View image to show you where The Labyrinth is because Google Maps directs to the Simmons Tower parking garage.

And here is an embedded Google Map with directions to The Labyrinth.