Episode 159: 10/3/2021

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#159’ on it.

We began this episode with a set of synthwave tracks to get the October/Halloween season vibes going. We followed that with a set of new industrial and EBM stomper tracks. Then we played a set of post-punk, deathrock, and dark punk tracks. We followed that with a set of synthpop. The midnight block was a set of “food synth” and was probably one of the weirdest sets we’ve ever played on this show. Then when ended the show with a set of folk, ambient, dark ambient, and experimental tracks.

  1. Introduction [0:00:00 - 0:08:11]
  2. Umberto: Temple Room (Prophecy of the Black Widow, 2010, Not Not Fun/Sonic Meditations/Burka For Everybody) [0:08:11 - 0:15:18]
  3. Warning: Why Can the Bodies Fly? (Warning, 1982, Vertigo/Polydor) [0:15:18 - 0:21:43]
  4. Destryur: Cannibal Girls (Panic, 2019, Midnight Beach Records) [0:21:43 - 0:26:37]
  5. Unitcode:Machine: Buy Me Now (Themes For a Collapsing Empire, 2021, Code Violation Media/Self-Released) [0:32:34 - 0:36:51]
  6. Zwaremachine: International Hero (Conquest 3000, 2021, Phage Tapes) [0:36:51 - 0:41:32]
  7. Choke Chain: Nightfall (Invoking Shadows, 2021, Phage Tapes) [0:41:32 - 0:45:21]
  8. Leather Strip vs Nature of Wires: Destroyed By Madness (Destroyed By Madness, 2021, Laebel) [0:45:21 - 0:50:23]
  9. Hocico: Backstabbers (Backstabbers, 2021, Out of Line Music) [0:50:23 - 0:54:48]
  10. The Dark: The Masque (The Best of the Dark, 1995, Captain Oi!) [1:00:26 - 1:04:06]
  11. Nervosas: Night Room (Nervosas, 2015, Dirtnap Records) [1:04:06 - 1:06:52]
  12. Altar de Fey: Elisa Lam (The Insatiable Desire… For More, 2019, Bat-Cave Productions/Occult Whispers Records) [1:06:52 - 1:10:41]
  13. Nox Novacula: Last Will and Testament (Ascension, 2021, Bat-Cave Productions/Manic Depression) [1:10:41 - 1:15:24]
  14. Adrenochrome: Shattered Frames (Adrenochrome/Buzz or Howl Sessions, 2018, Near Dark Records) [1:15:24 - 1:17:56]
  15. The Indoors: Useless Slumber (The Indoors, 2014, Carbonated Records) [1:17:56 - 1:20:59]
  16. Swan Wash: Dark Water (The Upstairs Museum, 2020, Sister Cylinder/Self-Released) [1:20:59 - 1:23:26]
  17. Riki: Marigold (Marigold, 2021, Dais Records) [1:29:07 - 1:32:20]
  18. Solemn Shapes: Animalism (Animalism, 2021, Self-Released) [1:32:20 - 1:37:49]
  19. Vision Video: Inked in Red (Inked in Red, 2021, Icy Cold Records/Self-Released) [1:37:49 - 1:40:56]
  20. Biokonstruktor [Биоконструтор]: Teleturizm [Телетуризм] (Tantsy Po Video, 1987, Self-Released/Maschina Records/ZeKo Records) [1:40:56 - 1:44:49]
  21. Control Room: Balance (Options, 2021, Cold Transmission Music) [1:44:49 - 1:48:19]
  22. Klack: With Precision - Sweat Boys (DeKlacked, Vol. 1, 2021, Klack Produkt/Razgrom Music) [1:48:19 - 1:51:18]
  23. Forlorn Pizza Parlor: Existential Dread in the Pizza Shop Bathroom (Abandoned in the Pizza Shop to the Night of Devouring Emptiness, 2020, Luminous Relics) [1:59:52 - 2:02:57]
  24. Sandwich Shop Quartet: Folds Are Where the Flavor Lives (Hoagie’s Gyros, 2021, High Mage Productions/Food Synth Archives) [2:02:57 - 2:11:38]
  25. Taco Truck: Chorizo and Cheese Enchiladas (Combo No. 1, 2021, High Mage Productions/Food Synth Archives) [2:11:38 - 2:14:36]
  26. Hot Dog Cart: Satisfaction, or Mustard, Onions, Relish, and Sourkraut (Let’s Be Frank, 2021, High Mage Productions/Food Synth Archives/Gulik Records) [2:14:36 - 2:16:40]
  27. Forest: Graveyard (The Full Circle, 1970, Harvest/Zap!/Parlophone/Music On Vinyl) [2:23:25 - 2:29:04]
  28. Ataraxia: Tarot (The Unexplained (Electronic Musical Manifestiations of the Occult), 1975, RCA/RCA Victor/Fifth Dimension/Sacred Bones Records) [2:29:04 - 2:33:17]
  29. Schloss Tegal: Beyond the Wall of Sleep (Oranur III: “The Third and Final Report, 1995, Artware Productions/Tegal Records/Cold Spring) [2:33:17 - 2:39:37]
  30. Cremation Lily: October Sails (The Processes and Instruments of Normal People; Trying and Failing, Falling and Water Running, 2017, Strange Rules/Alter) [2:39:37 - 2:46:40]

Club Nevermore logo, which is a skull with a silhouette of a raven inside it, in green text. The text says, “He Haunting Season - A Halloween Celebration. Saturday, October 9, 2021. Doors at 8 PM, $10 cover. Ages 21+. 4 DJs spinning goth+industrial all night, plus special special burlesque performance by Jezabelle Jaxxx, a coffin photo booth, ghoulish good bags, and costume with prizes! Note: proof of covid19 vaccination or a 48-hour negative covid test is required for entry.

Club Nevermore—Arkansas’s one-and-only monthly goth-industrial event—is coming up on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at Area 51, located at 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood. This is Nevermore’s Halloween event, with a costume contest, cool spooky tunes spun by Club Nevermore’s resident DJs, and a special burlesque show by Jezebelle Jaxxx!

Note: proof of covid19 vaccination or a 48-hour negative covid test is required for entry. We recommend taking a picture of your vaccination card and putting it on your phone.

Area 51 is at 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, which is about 10-15 minutes out of Little Rock. We advise against taking the directions Google Maps gives because you may get stuck in the alley between Area 51 and Waffle House with no way to get through if somebody is blocking it with their car.

If going to Area 51 from Little Rock we recommend taking I-30 North to I-40 East. (If you’re going there from Conway or points west of Little Rock then simply take I-40 East towards Little Rock, Memphis, etc.) Get into one of the left lanes and take Exit 155 for 67/167 North towards Jacksonville and the Little Rock Air Force Base. Go north, then take Exit 4 for Brockington/Brookswood Road. Go down to the light, then turn left. Go two blocks till you reach Warden Road, then go south for about three-quarters of a mile. Area 51 is in a strip mall between a car dealership and a Waffle House on the right hand side of the road. Enter Area 51 by going into Alibis, the bar next door.

Ones traveling from North Little Rock can get on JFK Boulevard and go north till reaching East Kiehl Avenue. Travel east on East Kiehl Avenue, following signs for Highway 67/167 South, which leads to Warden Road. Go south on Warden Road for about a mile; Area 51 will be on the right.

Or use the Google Map below for directions…