Episode 151: 6/27/2021

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We began this show with a set of industrial tracks to get things warmed up. After that was an interview with local darkwave artist Clusters of Fornication about their upcoming Loss For Words EP. That was followed with a set of set tracks selected by Sean/DJ Hollow from Clusters of Fornication. After that we played a set of synthpop and synthwave. We unplugged at midnight and played some acoustic and dark folk tracks. And we closed the show with a set of ambient tracks.

  1. Introduction [0:00:00 - 0:06:58]
  2. I Ya Toyah: Out of Order (Out of Order, 2020, Self-Released) [0:06:58 - 0:10:45]
  3. Pop Will Eat Itself: Bulletproof (16 Different Flavours of Hell, 1993, RCA) [0:10:45 - 0:13:56]*
  4. Bestial Mouths: Industrial Waste (ResurrectedInBlack, 2020, Rune & Ruin/Minimankombinat) [0:13:56 - 0:18:38]
  5. Helvete Inc.: Genophobia (The New Flesh, 2020, Self-Released) [0:18:38 - 0:22:33]
  6. Clusters of Fornication Interview [0:25:51 - 0:35:36]
  7. Clusters of Fornication: Pandemica (Loss For Words, 2021, Self-Released) [0:35:36 - 0:40:55]
  8. Clusters of Fornication: Interview, Part 2 [0:40:55 - 0:46:42]
  9. Clusters of Fornication: Beacon (Clusters of Fornication, 2019, Self-Released)) [0:46:42 - 0:51:39]
  10. Hirakish: Beautiful (Beautiful, 2019, Make More Records) [0:55:43 - 58:29]
  11. Jason Priest: White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (Jason Priest is Missing, 2021, Midnight Mannequin Records) [0:58:29 - 1:03:48]
  12. Bat For Lashes: Kids in the Dark (Lost Girls, 2019, Self-Released/AWAL) [1:03:48 - 1:07:02]
  13. Does it Offend You, Yeah?: Dawn of the Dead (You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into…, 2006, Virgin/AlmostGold Recordings) [1:07:02 - 1:10:24]
  14. Drab Majesty: Oxytocin (Modern Mirror, 2019, Dais Records) [1:10:24 - 1:14:19]
  15. TR/ST: Iris (The Destroyer – Part 2, 2019, Grouch) [1:14:19 - 1:19:33]
  16. The Black Queen: One Edge of Two (Infinite Games, 2018, Self-Released) [1:23:29 - 1:30:24]
  17. Solveig Matthildur: Venus (Venus, 2020, Artofofact Records) [1:30:24 - 1:34:47]
  18. Sexual Purity: Chains (Paranoia, 2021, Self-Released) [1:34:47 - 1:37:44]
  19. Destryur & STRNGR: Devil Doctor (Night at the Grindhouse, 2020, NewRetroWave) [1:37:44 - 1:41:21]
  20. Destryur: Cannibal Girls (Cannibal Girls, 2019, Midnight Beach Records) [1:41:21 - 1:46:11]
  21. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Papa Won’t Leave You, Heny (Henry’s Dream, 1992, Mute/Liberation Records) [1:50:50 - 1:56:43]*
  22. Me and That Man: Man of the Cross (New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol. 1, 2020, Napalm Records) [1:56:43 - 2:01:15]*
  23. Xasthur: Victims of the Times (Victims of the Times, 2021, Prophecy Productions) [2:01:15 - 2:05:01]
  24. Death in Rome: What is Love (Hitparade, 2016, Hau Ruck! SPQR) [2:05:01 - 2:09:47]
  25. Cult of Youth: New West (Cult of Youth, 2011, Sacred Bones Records) [2:09:47 - 2:13:36]
  26. Lycia: A Quiet Way to Go (Casa Luna, 2021, Lycium Music/Avantgarde Music/Sound Cave)
  27. Vatican Shadow: Twilight Nail in its Coffin (SR-71 Blackbird Survivors, 2021, Hospital Productions)
  28. Vapour Theories: Breaking Down (The Portals of Hell) (Celestial Scuzz, 2021, Fire Records)
  29. A Winged Victory For the Sullen: So That the City Can Begin to Exist (Invisible Cities/La Città Invisibili, 2021, Artificial Pine Arch Manufacturing/Diggers Factory)

* Requested track
Local artist

Watch Clusters of Fornication’s “Pandemica” video

Check out the Loss For Words EP…

Flyer for Club Nevermore’s July Event. There is a picture of electronic schematics in the background. Over it is text that says ‘Club Nevermore presents goth, industrial, darkwave, futurepop, etc. dance party plus a live performance by Destryur. At Area 51, 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, Arkansas, on Saturday, July 10th at 8 PM. 21 and up only. Masks are encouraged for unvaccinated persons.

Club Nevermore’s next event is coming up on Saturday, July 10th at Area 51 in Sherwood. Doors open at 8 PM. There will be sets by DJ 10.29, DJ Dagger Dance, DJ Graveyard Gloria, DJ Wilhelm, DJ Operator OT, plus a live performance by Destryur!

Area 51 is at 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, which is about 10-15 minutes out of Little Rock. We advise against taking the directions Google Maps gives because you may end up in the alley between Area 51 and Waffle House with no way to get through if somebody is blocking it with their car.

If going to Area 51 from Little Rock we recommend taking I-30 North to I-40 East. (If you’re going there from Conway or points west of Little Rock then simply take I-40 East towards Little Rock, Memphis, etc.) Get into one of the left lanes and take Exit 155 for 67/167 North towards Jacksonville and the Little Rock Air Force Base. Go north, then take Exit 4 for Brockington/Brookswood Road. Go down to the light, then turn left. Go two blocks till you reach Warden Road, then go south for about three-quarters of a mile. Area 51 is in a strip mall between a car dealership and a Waffle House on the right hand side of the road. Enter Area 51 by going into Alibis, the bar next door.

Ones traveling from North Little Rock can get on JFK Boulevard and go north till reaching East Kiehl Avenue. Travel east on East Kiehl Avenue, following signs for Highway 67/167 South, which leads to Warden Road. Go south on Warden Road for about a mile; Area 51 will be on the right.

There will also be a livestream of the event on Twitch for out-of-state viewers and people unable to travel. The stream starts around 8 PM CT on Club Nevermore’s Twitch channel at twitch.tv/clubnevermore.