Episode 75.5: 3/1/2019

I went to hang out and co-host Finally Friday with Sonny Kay on 3/1/2019. Then, because the hosts of the show that’s normally on after Finally Friday couldn’t make it to the station, I was on air for two hours (10 PM-12 AM). I didn’t have anything planned, so I threw this one together on the fly.

This show wasn’t recorded, therefore no podcast is available.

  1. Belfegore: All That I Wanted (Belfegore, 1984, Elektra)
  2. Twisted Nerve: When I’m Alone (Caught in Session 7”, 1982, Playlist Records)
  3. 1919: Alien (Machine, 1983, Red Rhino Records)
  4. Corpus Delicti: Circle (Sylphes, 1994, Glasnost Records/D-Monic)
  5. Sisters of Mercy: Body Electric (Some Girls Wander By Mistake, 1992, EastWest/Merciful Release)
  6. Cyan Revue: The Unknown (Four Wounds, 1986, Yellow Ltd.)
  7. Positive Noise: Warlords (Heart of Darkness, 1981, Statik Records)
  8. Dekoder: What’s Left (Demo 2011, 2011, Self-Released)
  9. Nowo Mowa: Dekoder (Jeszcze Młodsza Generacja Compilation, 1986, Tonpress/Agencja Artystyczna MTJ)
  10. Paraf: Paralelne Linije (A Dan Je Tako Lijepo Počeo, 1980, RTV Ljubljana/Dallas Records)
  11. Marquee Moon: Desert House (Desert House, 1995, Alice In…)
  12. The Sears: Not Prepared (If Only…, 1984, Bluurg Records)
  13. Flux of Pink Indians: Tube Disaster (Not So Brave, 1997, Overground Records)
  14. Rubella Ballet: 42F (Never Mind the Day-Glo Here’s Rubella Ballet, 2010, Overground Records)
  15. Rubella Ballet: Arctic Flowers (“, “, “)
  16. Arctic Flowers: Neon Tombs (Arctic Flowers, 2010, Self-Released)
  17. Grazhdanskaya Oborona: Led Pod Nogami Mayora (Totalitarizm, 1987, Khor/Moroz Records)
  18. Grazhdanskaya Oborona: Afganskiy Sindrom (Instruktsiya Po Vyzhivaniyu, 1990, Khor/Moon Records/BSA)
  19. Grazhdanskaya Oborona: Chelovek Cheloveku — Volk (Vsyo Idyot Po Planu, 1989, Khor/Vyrgorod)
  20. Algiers: Death March (The Underside of Power, 2017, Matador)
  21. No Hope For the Kids: Rainy Day (No Hope For the Kids, 2003, Kick N’ Punch/Feral Ward/Hjernespind)
  22. Neon Piss: Sickening Wind (Neon Piss, 2012, Deranged Records/Cut the Cord That… Records)
  23. Red Dons: Pieces (Fake Meets Failure, 2010, Deranged Records/Taken By Surprise Recods)
  24. Dissent: Shut My Eyes (Boy Eats Own Head! 7”, 1988, Amity Records)
  25. Moral Hex: Faustian Bargain (It’s Mind Control, 2010, Self-Released)
  26. Impact: Your Decisions (Punk Christmas 7”, 1983, Cyanide Records)
  27. Réseau D’Ombres: New York (Sotcha, 1985, Kool)