Episode 2: Electric Bee Stings - 6/23/2017

Here’s the playlist for the second episode of Half Machine Lip Moves, which aired on June 23, 2017. This episode had technical problems, but made up for it by running an extra hour.

  1. Prurient: Many Jewels Surround the Crown (Bermuda Drain, 2011, Hydra Head Records)
  2. Prurient: A Meal Can Be Made (", “, “)
  3. Pailhead: I Will Refuse (I Will Refuse, 1987, Wax Trax! Records)
  4. Treponem Pal: Out of Reach (Excess and Overdrive, 1993, Roadrunner Records)
  5. Lard: Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe the World) (’70s Rock Must Die, 2000, Alternative Tentacles)
  6. Surgical Meth Machine: I Don’t Wanna (Surgical Meth Machine, 2016, Nuclear Blast)
  7. Alec Empire: Night of Violence (Futurist, 2005, Digital Hardcore Recordings)
  8. Rubella Ballet: Killuminati (Planet Punk, 2014, Overground Records)
  9. Linija Mass: Enthusiasm (Trud (Труд), 1997, Ultra)*
  10. Eccitazione Cadaverica: Vomito di Morte (Contro Le Vostre Viscere Malata, 2017, Danvers State Recordings)*
  11. Skinny Puppy: Smothered Hope (Alternate Version?)
  12. Esplendor Geometrico: Moscú Esta Helado (1980-1981 Prehistoric Sounds - Necrosis En La Poya & More, 2012, Geometrik)
  13. The Neon Judgement: The Fashion Party (1981-1984, 2005, Play It Again Sam Recordings)
  14. Rodion G.A.: Cântec Fulger (The Lost Tapes, 2013, Strut/Future Nuggets/Amabassador’s Reception)
  15. Land of Giants: Cannibal Dolls (Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Volume 1 Compilation, 2010, Angular Recording Corporation)
  16. Silicon Teens: Sun Flight (Music For Parties, 1980, Mute Records)
  17. Coil: Last Rites of Spring (Gold is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders), 1987, Threshold House)
  18. Coil: Bee Stings (Summer Solstice: Bee Stings, 1998, Eskaton/Threshold House)
  19. Coil: Bee Has the Photos (Coil Song of the Week Collection)
  20. Cities Last Broadcast: Cornerstone (The Cancelled Earth, 2009, Cyclic Law)
  21. Kammarheit: A Glimpse of the New Arising (The Downfall and the Arising, 2001, Cyclic Law)
  22. Mortaur: As the Forest Speaks (Horror Vacui, 2002, Mortaur Self-Released)
  23. Raison D’Être: Deep Enshrouded (In Sadness, Silence, and Solitude, 1997, Cold Meat Industries)
  24. Archon Satani: In The Body Ov Christ (Virgin Birth… Born Again, 1993, Functional Organisation)

* Listener request. Thanks for the requests!