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Episode 92: 7/14/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#92' on it.

We started the episode with some new industrial, EBM, and neo newbeat tracks. Then we did a darkwave and post-punk set, with some Asylum Party songs in honor of their late member Thierry Sobezyk (RIP). That was followed with a block of recent heavy industrial and power electronics, and a block of psychedelic shoegaze. The midnight block featured tracks from Coil and recent songs from former Coil members; and we closed the show with a set of ambient and dark ambient tracks themed around ice, coldness, winter, etc to cool us off after dealing with southern summertime heat and humidity.

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Episode 91: 7/7/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#91' on it.

I (OT) was late getting to the station, but that didn’t stop us. We started with an abbreviated opening set, then the show proper began with a block in of Canada Day, which was last week. Then we started our Fourth of July Holiday Weekend special with a block of industrial tracks, an EBM block, a block mixing doom metal, punk, and industrial. We closed the show with a block themed around UFOs and aliens for the seventy-second anniversary of the Roswell incident.

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Episode 90: 6/30/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#90' on it.

We started this abbreviated episode with some hot new industrial tracks, which was followed by a block of minimal wave/synthpop. The middle block was a mix of requested industrial, and a hard-to-describe mix. Then we closed with a block of haunted ambient and experimental.

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Episode 89: 6/23/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#89' on it.

I (OT) recently heard some people call our radio station “gross and weird” which inspired me to do a weird and gross episode. We started with a round of abrasive industrial, then we blasted out some loud and nasty noise rock and no wave. That was followed by a round of power electronics and blackened noise. Then we blasted out a set of molten harsh noise and psychedelic noise, which was followed up by a second power electronics attack, and we closed with a set of morbid death industrial and dark ambient.

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