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Episode 82: 4/28/2019

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This episode started with some new and fairly recent electro sort-of industrial tracks, or whatever you call that stuff. Then we brought out a block of hot and fresh industrial and digital hardcore tracks. We had a darkwave block, which was followed by a trip down the rabbit hole of obscure minimal wave, post-punk, darkwave, and Soviet Russian synthpop tracks. We played some requests and songs to remember the thirty-third anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, then we closed with some chilled stuff and ambient. What even is this show?

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Episode 81: 4/21/2019

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We started our Easter Sunday show with some hot new industrial tracks. That was followed by an EBM set, then we had a post-punk and goth set themed around resurrection, in honor of Easter. Then we had a “darkwave and whatever set.” After that was a block of obscure post-punk, and we closed with a dark ambient set themed around springtime.

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Episode 80: 4/14/2019

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We started this show with some electro-industrial tracks. OT talked a bit about the previous night’s Club Nevermore (spoiler: it was a success!), then we went into a noise rock and no wave set. That was followed up with a deathrock and post-punk set. Then we had an experimental and noise set themed around black holes in honor of the recently released photos showing the event horizon of a black hole. The midnight block was a trip into the death industrial mortuary, and we closed with a block of bright ambient.

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Episode 79: 4/7/2019

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This was our Women’s History Month episode, playing artists who are women or groups fronted by women—which was delayed by our brief hiatus back in March. We started with some industrial tracks. Then we were joined in the studio by Gary of Club Nevermore, Arkansas’s brand-new goth-industrial club night which debuts on April 13 (this coming Saturday) to talk about it, and played two blocks of post-punk, dark punk, and deathrock in honor of that. That was followed by a block of minimal wave/synthpop; a block of heavy industrial, power noise, and power electronics. Then we closed with a block of ambient tracks.

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Episode 78: 3/31/2019

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We returned from a two-week break with an all-German show.* We started with some brand-new Rammstein and a Bettina Köster track, then we started the main act with EBM and power noise; a block of synthpop and NDW/German New Wave; a block of female-fronted post-punk and goth; a block of requested experimental and Krautrock/Kosmische; and an ambient closing block.

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