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Episode 69: 1/6/2019 - 2018 Review Show, Part 2

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The first episode of Half Machine Lip Moves in 2019 continued the look back at the previous year. We started with a set of dance floor-friendly EBM and synthpop from 2019, then we went into a block of aggressive EBM. That was followed by a set of death industrial and power electronics from 2018. After that was a block of dark punk/post-punk and deathrock from 2018, and another block of post-punk from 2018. In the final block we heard tracks from experimental and ambient releases from 2018.

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Episode 68: 12/30/2018: 2018 Year in Review Show

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The last episode of 2018 was a review—but not necessarily a best of—looking back at some of the year’s music. We played tracks from some of the year’s industrial metal and EBM releases, along with a track from a project whose work we’re anticipating in 2019. That was followed by post-punk tracks from this year’s releases and we closed with a block of tracks from some of this year’s dark ambient releases.

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Episode 67: 12/23/2018: The Second First Ever Half Machine Lip Moves Holiday Special

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We started this episode, the second Half Machine Lip Moves holiday show, with some Christmas-themed industrial and EBM. Then we had a set of music inspired by Krampus, the Christmas Demon. That was followed by a doom-laden Christmas Mourning set. Then we had a mostly post-punk set themed around Winter Solstice, which was followed by another Winter Solstice-themed set of black metal and noise. The show’s last block had renditions of more somber traditional Christmas music, and we closed with a raucous bit of holiday music. We hope everyone listening has a great Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa, or a nice Tuesday if you celebrate none of those or something else.

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Episode 66: 12/16/2018

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We started with a preview of new work by Susan of High-Functioning Flesh and a set of dark EBM. Then we played a block of artists that are brand new to the show. After that was a block of noise, industrialized black metal, and we closed the show with a dark ambien(t) jazz set.

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Episode 65: 12/9/2018

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This episode started with a tribute to the late Pete Shelley (of British punk legends The Buzzcocks) by playing some songs from his solo works, including a track from his forays into experimental synth noise. Then we moved back into industrial by premiering a brand new track by Minneapolis’s Zwaremachine and a block of “pants with spare change rattling around in the dryer industrial,” some listener requests and noisy industrial, and we closed the show with set of post-industrial and ambient—or whatever you call that kind of stuff.

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