Episode 164: 11/7/2021

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#164’ on it.

We went back to the industrial grind for our post-Halloween show. Club Nevermore’s DJ 10.29 and DJ Wilhelm (who are also in the band 3num3rat0r) came by to talk about/promote Club Nevermore’s event on November 13, which will feature a performance by the band Unitcode:Machine. We started with some mostly new industrial tracks. We followed that with a set of melodic industrial and EBM, plus we chatted briefly with 3num3rat0r. That was followed with a set of hard and heavy industrial metal. Then we played a set of industrialized techno, a set of synthpop and darkwave at midnight, and we closed the show with a set of new tracks.

Note: we apologize for the sound of the segues. We had problems with the guest microphones and I tried to fix their sound as best as I could in post-production.

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves Introduction [0:00:00 - 0:07:43]
  2. Fox Nova Project: Your Scent (The Haunted The Hunted, 2021, Self-Released) [0:07:43 - 0:12:38]
  3. 3Teeth & Ho99o9: Paralyze (Paralyze, 2021, Century Media) [0:12:38 - 0:16:10]
  4. Unitcode:Machine: Paper Empires (Tyranny, 2019, SkyQode/Self-Released) [0:16:10 - 0:19:49]
  5. L.O.T.I.O.N.: War Games (Estoc’s Chainsaw to the Nation Remix) (War Games (Estoc’s Chainsaw to the Nation Remix, 2021, Self-Released) [0:19:49 - 23:15]
  6. Imperative Reaction: Split (Mirror, 2021, Metropolis) [0:29:35 - 0:34:32]
  7. Kanga: Vital Signs (Kanga, 2016, Negative Gain Productions) [0:34:32 - 0:38:39]
  8. Espermachine: Error.Computer (Delicate Corruption, 2019, Self-Released) [0:38:40 - 0:43:25]
  9. Unitcode:Machine: Falling Down (Themes For a Collapsing Empire, 2021, Code Violation Media/Self-Released) [0:43:25 - 0:47:27]
  10. 3num3rat0r: Taken (Taken, 2021, Self-Released) [0:47:27 - 0:51:28]
  11. Author & Punisher: Excess (Excess Covers, 2021, Blood Music) [0:58:10 - 1:02:29]
  12. Treponem Pal: Out of Reach (Excess and Overdrive, 1993, Roadrunner Records) [1:02:29 - 1:06:51]
  13. Black Magnet: Neuroprophet (Hallucination Scene, 2020, 20 Buck Spin) [1:06:51 - 1:10:32]
  14. Realize: Melted Base (Machine Violence, 2020, Relapse Records) [1:10:32 - 1:13:20]
  15. Ozzuario: Terminate Reality (Existence is Pain, 2020, Distort//Discos) [1:13:20 - 1:17:11]
  16. Helvete Inc.: Puritan Death Knell (Filth, 2018, Self-Released/Manta Ray Records) [1:17:11 - 1:21:25]
  17. Vatican Shadow: Taxi Journey Through the Teeming Slums of Tehran (Persian Pillars of the Gasoline Era, 20 Buck Spin) [1:27:25 - 1:31:31]
  18. Download: Gaslighter (Unknown Room, 2019, Artoffact Records) [1:31:31 - 1:36:38]
  19. Gnod & JK Flesh: The Fight - JK Flesh Version (JK Flesh vs Gnod EP, 2020, The Quietus/The State51 Conspiracy) [1:36:38 - 1:42:13]
  20. Statiqbloom: Second Coming (Beneath the Whelm, 2020, Metropolis) [1:42:12 - 1:48:47]
  21. Container: Rippler (Creamer, 2021, Drone) [1:48:47 - 1:51:26]
  22. Us & I: Fragile (Loveless, 2021, Self-Released) [1:56:08 - 2:00:00]
  23. Molchat Doma: Diskoteka (Monument, 2020, Sacred Bones Records) [2:00:00 - 2:04:04]
  24. Fossils of Ancient Robots: Dinosaurs Die (Dinosaurs Die, 2020, Self-Released) [2:04:04 - 2:08:34]
  25. Oppenheimer Analysis: Cold War (New Mexico, 2010, Minimal Wave) [2:08:34 - 2:14:03]
  26. Experimental Products: Sweet Rejection (Prototype, 1982, Short Circuit Records) [2:14:03 - 2:19:05]
  27. Lingua Ignota: Pennsylavia Furnace (Sinner Get Ready, 2021, Sargent House) [2:27:04 - 2:31:48]
  28. Vazum: Frankenstein Gurl (Unrated V, 2021, Self-Released) [2:31:48 - 2:38:39]
  29. Nite: Would? (Would?, 2021, Self-Released) [2:38:39 - 2:41:56]
  30. Unitcode:Machine: Buy Me Now (Themes For a Collaping Empire, 2021, Code Violation Media/Self-Released) [2:46:14 - 2:53:13]

Local artist

Flyer for Club Nevermore ThanksGraving event. It shows a dark blue sky and a dark ground. There is a gravestone that says “RIP” and a green zombie arm clutching a turkey drumstick is sticking out of the ground. The text says “ThanksGraving. Saturday November 13, 2021. At Area 51, 6511 Warden Road, in Sherwood, Arkansas. $15 cover, 21+ up only, doors open at 8 PM. There will be 4 DJs spinning goth and industrial, plus a live performance by Unitcode:Machine from Dallas. Undead costumes encouraged. Proof of covid vaccination or 48-hour negative covid test is required for entry.

The next Club Nevermore event is coming up on Saturday, November 13, 2021. This will have Club Nevermore resident DJs DJ 10.29, DJ Graveyard Gloria, Operator OT, and DJ Wilhelm spinning goth and inudstrial, plus there will be a live performance by Unitcode:Machine from Dallas. Cover charge is $15. Doors open at 8 PM. Ages 21+ only.

Note: proof of covid19 vaccination or a 48-hour negative covid test is required for entry. We recommend taking a picture of your vaccination card and putting it on your phone.

Area 51 is at 6511 Warden Road in Sherwood, which is about 10-15 minutes out of Little Rock. We advise against taking the directions Google Maps gives because you may get stuck in the alley between Area 51 and Waffle House with no way to get through if somebody is blocking it with their car.

If going to Area 51 from Little Rock we recommend taking I-30 North to I-40 East. (If you’re going there from Conway or points west of Little Rock then simply take I-40 East towards Little Rock, Memphis, etc.) Get into one of the left lanes and take Exit 155 for 67/167 North towards Jacksonville and the Little Rock Air Force Base. Go north, then take Exit 4 for Brockington/Brookswood Road. Go down to the light, then turn left. Go two blocks till you reach Warden Road, then go south for about three-quarters of a mile. Area 51 is in a strip mall between a car dealership and a Waffle House on the right hand side of the road. Enter Area 51 by going into Alibis, the bar next door.

Ones traveling from North Little Rock can get on JFK Boulevard and go north till reaching East Kiehl Avenue. Travel east on East Kiehl Avenue, following signs for Highway 67/167 South, which leads to Warden Road. Go south on Warden Road for about a mile; Area 51 will be on the right.

Or use the Google Map below for directions…