Episode 105: 11/17/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with ‘#105’ on it.

We started this show with some new post-punk tracks. That was followed with a set of mostly recent noise rock tracks. The third block started with some new Mortiis and we played some industrial metal tracks. Then we played a set of post-punk and new wave tracks by artists from behind the Iron Curtain, which were left out of last week’s show due to a lack of time. We got weird in the midnight block with a mix of requested stuff and goofy tracks. Then we ended the show with two songs made on the one and only ANS synthesizer.

Half Machine Lip Moves Episode #105

  1. Intro
  2. Twin Tribes: The River (The River, 2019, Self-Released)
  3. The Wraith: Wing of Night (Wing of Night, 2019, Southern Lord Recordings)
  4. Buzz Kull: Last in the Club (Last in the Club, 2019, Avant!)
  5. Missing: The Moor of Fables (Missing/Rosegarden Funeral Party Split, 2019, Self-Released)
  6. Djunah: Bless Your Money (Ex Voto, 2019, Triple Eye Industries/Self-Released)
  7. Chat Pile: Mask (Remove Your Skin Please, 2019, Self-Released)
  8. Part Chimp: Dirty Sun (Cheap Thriller, 2019, Chart Pimp Records)
  9. Chrome: TV As Eyes (Half Machine Lip Moves, 1979, Siren Records/Dossier/Beggars Banquet/Touch & Go/Noiseville/Cleopatra)
  10. Cherubs: Turista (Immaculada High, 2019, Relapse Records)
  11. Lightning Bolt: Air Conditioning (Sonic Citadel, 2019, Thrill Jockey/P-Vine Records)
  12. Bruxa Maria: The Hipsters and the Heathens (Human Conditions, 2016, Extreme Ultimate)
  13. Metz: I’m a Bug (M. E., 2019, Sub Pop Records)
  14. Mortiis: Visions of an Ancient Future (Visions of an Ancient Future, 2019, Dead Seed Productions?)*
  15. KMFDM: Oh My Goth (Paradise, 2019, Metropolis)
  16. Coal: Wwitch (Coal, 2019, Instruments of Discipline)
  17. 3Teeth: American Landfill (MetaWar, 2019, Century Media)
  18. Surgical Meth Machine: I Don’t Wanna (Surgical Meth Machine, 2016, Nuclear Blast Records)
  19. Klass (Класс): Dom Na Utitsye Drugoi (Дом На Улице Другой) (“Klass” Valeriya Zharova [«Класс» Валерия Жарова], 1989, Melodiya)
  20. Durnoye Vliyaniye (Дурное Влияние): Yesli Ya Lgu (Если Я Лгу) (Nepodvizhnos [Неподвижность], 1989/2003, VDV Records/Self-Released)
  21. AG Geige: Bruder Und Schwester (Yachtclub + Buchteln, 1987, KlangFarbe/Major Label)
  22. Siekiera: Jest Bezpiecznie (Nowa Aleksandria, 1986, Tonpress/KOCH International Poland Sp. Z. O. O./Mannequin/Fala/Agencja Artystyczna MTJ)
  23. Akvarium [Аквариум] Pepel (Пепел) (Tabu (Табу) 1982, AnTrop/Triariy/Soyuz/Moroz Records)
  24. Agalloch: Our Fortress is Burning… I (Ashes Against the Grain, 2006, The End Records/Grau/Infinite Vinyl Series)*
  25. Jeff Whitmire: The Wal-Mart Song (Deep Fried Superhero, 2019, Self-Released)
  26. Kompressor: Kompressor Does Not Dance (World Domination, 2001, Sharing Machine)
  27. Atom & His Package: Me and My Black Metal Friends (A Society of People Named Elihu, 1997, The Mountain Collective For Independent Artists, Ltd./X-Mist Records/Suzuki Beane/Toxic Toast Records/Asbestos Records)
  28. Worm Quartet: Vampire Penguins (Re-Penged) (Songs of the Maniacs, 2012, Flaming Mayo Records)
  29. Eduard Artemiev and Stanslav Kreichi: Muzika K Kinofilmu “Kosmos” (Музьука К Книофильму “Космос”) (ANS. Elektronnaya Muzika (АНС. Електронная Музьука), 1969, Melodiya)
  30. Coil: ANS Track 2-2 (Excerpt) (ANS, 2004, Threshold House)

* Requested track.

Supplemental Material

wikipedia article on the ANS synthesizer

BBC Radio Soundhunter 4 Video on the ANS synthesizer

The ANS Synthesizer (Video with Russian dialog showing the ANS in action)